Of being Stuck Somewhere

Sometimes time is like an emollient  Sometimes it is like a furious knife  The places are blotchy from harsh lights Weather is not fair either; clingy mess Curious, jealous, and highly corrosive One has to endure that too Heart feels like a guilty tenant Not able to pay the rent with feelings That can ameliorate some of the pain Life feels stuck like a crude … Continue reading Of being Stuck Somewhere

Vacant Voice

A voice too faint, vacant, wishes to rush towards a welcoming emotion Pacify its palpitations, doubts, and nullify the abuses by a hostile world It can be a desolate world when people assemble to pillory the mild voice The Earth trembles from the hostile languages; knowledge becomes a trickle Somewhere, they are still available in exotic places; away from interventions While this approaching voice will … Continue reading Vacant Voice

Fate of Emotions

Predatory words took away the best emotions  During some unfanciful moments that allowed them in The sanctified world of a soul’s reverie Malicious eyes already put them in a vile hypnotic state Abandoned reasons along the way Losing faith in the emotions that nurtured the heart  In troubled times, when the world becomes uncaring Cajoled by the ferocity; masked in some otherworldly charm Misguiding the … Continue reading Fate of Emotions


Of Horatian satire, the summons of common follies  Transforming into something more sinister Shrill, and extremely adamantine desires; often lethal criticisms From the extravagantly erring spirits- torching those intellectual fodder Wit is misunderstood in times of anti-intellectualism Morality pranks- yes, that’s the idea of depreciating celebrations Too many citrus fruits borne by the laborious efforts of futility Aggrieved tongue; and even the jaundiced thoughts aren’t … Continue reading Aggrieved


When one does not have the courage to read the truth How can one dream of experiencing it? It’s true, the truth is scathing and unabashed about disrupting the misdoings Misguided life may cruise through the empty labyrinths of unfettered beliefs Words stare menacingly at the attempts being made to construct lies Flagellated tongue can barely utter the sentiments without faltering But scathing nonetheless, they … Continue reading Courage


Silence chained to the noises  Oppressive voices probe the silent one Worms of rage suck away life’s forces Wishing to deconstruct the mind Comprehend consciousness With every possible instrument Enslave the thoughts forever Invade privacy in a mechanised manner Delving deeper into history Fashion the draconian ways Finally, the worms will die Preyed upon by time Men will war about the end Silence violated  Humanity … Continue reading Oppressive


When the thoughts are being dragged out heartlessly None of the heart’s protest mattered to the onlookers Inadvertently showing allegiance to wrongful might Is it passive anger or the inability to feel someone’s plight? Envious reflections are incisive and curtail any reasoning Such obdurate silence invoke the spirit of utter destruction So often seduced by the dangerous ideas, it’s a mystery Beliefs require little persuasion … Continue reading Heartless


Vermins feed off the stupidity Hypocrites shout to make lies believable Incapacitated reasoning has no cure Weak spirit complain in anonymity Acquiring meaningless objects are orgasmic What preys the mind? There is no prognosis of this way of life Head can barely rest on stubborn pillows Dreams are restless and devoid of sanity Chemists do not have the concoction to treat such ailments Alas! Food … Continue reading Perilous