In Vain

A grand idea to capture love with hatred and intimidation Weaving a narrative with charlatan ideas; a weapon of self-destruction The hurled denunciations erupt accidentally to wound the perpetrators Same ammunition to defame and denude the truthful feelings Abandoned sanity try to reason with psychotic advances of thoughts Paying to create the cowardly delights and celebrating craziness It’s a futile struggle of despots to earn … Continue reading In Vain


Don’t allow dreams to be led through coercive corridors; you may see many doors along the way, but they can push you and your dream to the confines of four walls. Those doors are not of opportunity, but they close behind you firmly to institutionalise the mind with thoughts that are not yours to accept. Compartmentalised and conditioned, the mind thinks while being stimulated with certain … Continue reading Misguided


Vintage secrets were discussed, only being casually referred Soon to be discarded along with other debris, without any emotion Watch the scaffolding being dismantled by remorseless hands An obvious attempt to muffle the voices that may be contrary to lies Such patronage blatantly erode any attempt at logical stand Emotions drain away silently through the hostile trenches Life’s enthusiasm obsequiously spent in profane pursuits Dreams … Continue reading Chastened


The night and darkness are in an eternal passionate embrace Misfortune! Such a beautiful relation has been tarnished by evil minds Tranquillity and the pervasive tender moments threatened by aggressors When the world morally accepts the vandalization disguised as competition Unfortunate! Distorted reflections are deflected towards impressionable minds Carrying a misfortune is not enough but spreading the cause inspires Poisonous roots run deep to weave an … Continue reading Misinterpretations

Flawed Memoirs

The mind has been contemplating the bourgeois thoughts Confabulations of acquired consciousness and subliminal world Novices have inherited from the overheard conversations Flawed tastes lure the tongue towards acerbic and impotent desires Life has a simple spelling but explanations carry complicated meanings Grammar of existence was composed by the Divine consciousness Now, the concept of Time is in a knot and gasping for release Plenty … Continue reading Flawed Memoirs

World and Lifestyle

The world which endorses ideologies like ‘cut-throat’ competition, ‘market your skills’, and ‘brand yourself’ so that you can be a ‘go-getter’; all of the mentioned jargons (which have negative connotations) are being taught for a survival in an increasingly corporate world which promotes such aggressive thinking. It is only natural that role-models have shifted from people of intellect towards people of wealth. They are being hailed … Continue reading World and Lifestyle