Unexpected Feelings

It’s a difficult task tackling the mind traveling over corrugated life Where fate can change unexpectedly given the tumultuous journey Feelings rain over the heart inundating the darkened caverns Never felt before emotions wake up from the sudden breach  Days look dreary when the eyes are dipped in gloomy shade of grey Ashen faces reflect the weakening determination of life’s tenacity Speaking in a monotonous tone … Continue reading Unexpected Feelings

Experience Freedom for Real

The word ‘freedom’ is widely misconstrued. I believe, when you can extricate yourself from the trappings of the prejudices, materialistic pleasures, and the urge to indulge in the false allures of this world, you experience real freedom. Be free from the common definitions and the constricted path that has been chosen for you. Talking about freedom and comprehending the various definitions of ‘freedom’, won’t make … Continue reading Experience Freedom for Real

As Night Descends

As night descends in the windswept city There is a palpable discomfort in the air Uneasy, the soul resonates with the agony Silhouettes of few trees against the backdrop The branches, like the child’s raised arm In prayer, for reprieve from the stifled air City footsteps have uprooted their dynasty Dwellers, to and fro, across the city roads Rushing through the cityscape in a blur … Continue reading As Night Descends

Dragging Along

Softly slayed by the abrasive thoughts Playing with the alluring fire of conceit Flames spread through the dry wilderness Billowing smoke obfuscates the bright Sun Haze of uncertainties veils the disconcerted soul Pure air is now a blend of toxic fumes The inner world abandoned and dreary Of living death, the body continues to haul The immense burden of losing the paradise Still the desire … Continue reading Dragging Along