The Insufficient Explanations

‘The way you want it…’ takes time to emerge from clutches of unnecessary obedience It is courageous to kill time and look for meaning in the void; an outrageous living, away from busyness and set objectives Compartmentalised for easy discrimination; that is the purpose of obstinate achievements The hubris is evident in the everyday evaluations of success There are these fences and limitations erected to … Continue reading The Insufficient Explanations


The frustrations to prove amidst constant challenges Souls that does not have the leisure to breathe with freedom Unequivocally the chorus of expectations inhibits growth Unnatural challenges are thrown at unassuming minds Moulded into a crucible to sufficiently fill with insufficient information Intransigent debates emanate from the irregular facets of mind Awakened, but unaware of the erroneous views of the obdurate world Even before thoughts can develop … Continue reading Pursuit

Among the Ruins

We have upped our ante towards modernization Pacing up and down frantically to build bigger and better Land masses and Nature seems our major hurdle Without a thought, we demolish landscapes and fell trees Clearing out Nature to lay the foundation of development Cutting across the divine share to etch out permanent scars Unfurling our obsessive dreams in the most hostile fashion Our serrated ideas … Continue reading Among the Ruins