In Desperation

Convincingly sewed are the deep pockets of desperation Where clangour of thoughts unsettle peace of mind In an increasingly noisy world, everyone yearns to be heard Civility of intelligence is a rarity among hurried desires Staring at life partially; comprehending in entirety requires patience Pushed ahead with ambitions and urgency to accumulate Driven by complicity with mass consciousness Every little distortion is amplified, but skillfully … Continue reading In Desperation


Ignorance has caused widespread destruction Every day the same saga is repeated, and often with tacit approval When landscapes could be pulverized to fulfil ambitions and greed It’s a paradox, that ambition is a word used as euphemism But the essence of its harshness cannot be ignored Rebellious minds are risking existence with deliberate instructions Essence of true character is evident from the actions and … Continue reading Absurdity

Lured Away

The stubborn perfume of indiscretion lingers on for too long There is no respite from the usual sprinkling of the same fate Sensitive nerve points become numb from the strong aroma Senses have been lured to welcome the impending desires Unaware, that paradise is encroached by irreconcilable poison ivy Of unknown species and mutations by the devilish soul Experimental digressions have surpassed the original code of … Continue reading Lured Away

Busyness of Life

City life is bursting with activities, there’s no reprieve from the endless chatter. Language has gone through numerous makeovers, to suit the hectic lifestyles; shortened, twisted, and even coalesced to birth new meanings, to suit the nouveau temperaments. Automobiles hasten the pace of life and it takes skill to tackle their arrogance with certain dexterity of the feet. Even when sidewalks spill over and there … Continue reading Busyness of Life

The Streets

The streets are flooded with human trepidations, flowing incessantly towards unknown destinations. Every footfall creates an impact, a temporary indentation, on the flow of life. Fate, once in a relationship with the parallel world created by us, automatically transports us to the desired (effect of induced dreams) destination, without our consent. The faces try to narrate contrary stories of human successes that have given birth … Continue reading The Streets

World and Lifestyle

The world which endorses ideologies like ‘cut-throat’ competition, ‘market your skills’, and ‘brand yourself’ so that you can be a ‘go-getter’; all of the mentioned jargons (which have negative connotations) are being taught for a survival in an increasingly corporate world which promotes such aggressive thinking. It is only natural that role-models have shifted from people of intellect towards people of wealth. They are being hailed … Continue reading World and Lifestyle