The Curiosity of Ambivalence

The spontaneity of the mind can not only be surprisingly awkward but also a reminder to the fact that it may play with an ambivalent nature. Is it a phenomenon? Well, the mind is kind of elusive to the conclusive deconstruction. It is interesting to note that human consciousness can only comprehend the mind to a certain degree but remains elusive for the greater part. … Continue reading The Curiosity of Ambivalence


Attraction can be a fallacy Forming a perception A visually crafted persona Reflecting the inner phenomenon In an exalted state of mind Overflowing with desires Contrary to the true dimensions That remains inconspicuous A mind’s disproportionate projection Brings out the dominant traits of the self Through the prism of an opiate imagination Assembling the outside image According to the guidance of superficial consciousness Later, to be … Continue reading Attraction

Knowledge and Ignorance

Gain some knowledge on ignorance Knowledge is played upon to influence minds Tactically manipulated to stem the flow of thoughts In popular domain, some fabricated knowledge External reality is contrary to the actual reality within Ignorance can lead us down the perilous path Attempts to discourage the habit of rightful thinking Ignorance that we are not aware of is our weakness Unrestrained emotions are fueled … Continue reading Knowledge and Ignorance

World of Woes

A world closer to you Most often you overlook Distant visions look alluring Subtle feelings and affections Makes you feel smothered Ye shall miss the nuances Painting the world in gray You fail to listen to the pleas Words from the heart Preferring the air of ambiguity Clandestinely walking around Without an abode to retire Risking the crumbling world within Looking at life with crude … Continue reading World of Woes