Life’s Philosophy

The independent study of the philosophy of Life will lead to many unconventional ideas and theories; when proposed, will be met with criticism, disdain, and outright rejection. Only such unorthodox ideas will be a beacon to obliterate such resistance born out of a philosophy of conformity. To define the premise of Life’s philosophy is constricting the scope of life itself. Critical thinking is the key to … Continue reading Life’s Philosophy

When Writing is Analyzed

One cannot be sure that the emotions which are birthed with the integrity of the soul, and articulated from the consciousness will be given the same importance and carry the exact elucidation after transference. Such pure emotions have to be written down, with the emphasis to keep them intact and save them from distortion. The choice and usage of words and vocabulary also play an important role in … Continue reading When Writing is Analyzed

Philosophers’ Words

So often the philosophers’ words Are repeatedly churned out Words remain words Without their due credence Wisdom remains within the pages There comes an era When the philosophers’ sentiments Wither away or derided Making a mockery of the deep wisdom Education is just a term When the mind remains delusional Lacking the ability to interpret From viewing things through Tinted glasses of false perceptions Passive … Continue reading Philosophers’ Words