Realisation of Time

Daguerreotype realities, set aside by the ages and fervent time Suddenly fall off the stack of feelings that was forgotten under covers of dust Time slips in again as a glitch in the present moment Uncanny reminders spoken by the staring eyes Notice the background too for the presence of any societal motifs Plain truths are rarely comprehended- until these sudden awakening  Frail memories never … Continue reading Realisation of Time

Archaic Relevance

Words that have been spoken by vintage hearts are completely forgotten Tides of emotions surged ahead and drowned them; dreaming of new bridges They knew the secrets! Fear of man of such cryptic chastisement urges them to take drastic steps Excavating and exposing is an effort in disparaging the silent spirits of forgotten times Yet, they needle the narratives of today; such perforated facts fail … Continue reading Archaic Relevance

Speckled Stones

Gathering of speckled stones Some perfectly shaped and round Others, oddly even but crafted by nature Not from the same family Yet, they cohesively create a crowd Unfamiliar designs and trapped signs Maybe the ancient signs Communicating in a sign language unknown Speckled stones reflect brightness Looks unyielding, but may have soft hearts Years of diligent tutoring by nature Shaped their present demeanour None would know … Continue reading Speckled Stones