Lost Poeticism

Words bloom later, seasons and poets have drifted apart Poetic emotions lose relevance, like a lost child in a busy street Far away from home, mixed feelings about the indifferent world Where is that romanticism of life? Ossified heart have fallen into a deep chasm, feels no more Love does not pulsate anymore; it’s a ritual, a mere symbolism Comparison with proximity, but there is … Continue reading Lost Poeticism


A melancholic stare needles the innocence of early morning beauty Everything is yet to wake up, gather the feelings after darkness departs Coming of the cautious weather through the mist of mysterious events Heart struggles with a slow pace of arrival of feelings that are inspiring Misplaced anguish over little delays- the errant world likes to rush As if running away from the questions and … Continue reading Outcome

The Rare Moments

An open-air theatre; the sounds of a poetic rendition would travel the farthest Such freedom of rhythm born in the heart Today, it will be an extravagant moment for them to seek with sincerity Let it be the unrestrained melody with a rare control over eternity Everything will disappear- the fear, anguish, and city’s laborious movement There will be no measured breath, but only rejoices … Continue reading The Rare Moments

If you Wish to Write

If you really wish to write you have to fall in love with the language. There is no other escape other than to surrender every day to it. If not, there will be a time when feelings crowd your heart and question you for not expressing them adequately. They will keep tormenting you, and your writing will appear wobbly; nervous writing usually doesn’t do justice to those passionate feelings. When you look within as a writer, to seek inspiration, reminisce, … Continue reading If you Wish to Write


What if the thorns were flowers once? Devoid of feelings and succulent dreams Withered reluctantly to guard the flowers What if our dreams experience same fate? A boundary of existence adorned with thorns Instead of guarding, they puncture aspirations Do thorns remind of turbulent times? The neglect or fate of dreary transformation What if dreams continue to be neglected? A ruthless desire to absorb all … Continue reading Thorns

Of Thoughts

Paranoia makes the mind an inhospitable place. Even when positive thoughts would like to arrive, they are treated with contempt and ultimately shoved aside to the deepest and darkest corner of the mind. Creating a puzzle with pieces of negativity allows the mind to try various combinations and avenues to engage in a dialogue; where, a position of disadvantage, is reflected with passionate urgency; sometimes, … Continue reading Of Thoughts


Eyes have lost their gleam When there’s perpetual twilight in life Feelings are on the ebb Merriment is a rarity in dwindling hope Soul has taken a hiatus from life Trace the shadows to meet an anguished heart Fragile frame unable to fathom unfair competition Not everyone is a born athlete Conversations ricochet from cold lifeless world Fair-minded thoughts never get credence Many bottled feelings are swept … Continue reading Hope

Of Memories and the Present

Memories are locked in the secret vault Present predicament anchored in past Heart still lives in the yesteryear experiences Regales, revels, and some heartbroken tales The immature heart never knew how to choose Memories still come visiting in everyday dreams It takes effort and to pull off the heavy anchor Free the heart from all the memories that debilitate Present becomes an anguishing daily existence … Continue reading Of Memories and the Present