It’s Strange

It’s not easy distilling the recurring struggles Stirrings of unnatural kind unsettle minds Fake smiles held up with deceitful manners A simulated environment of urgency activated Through persistent machinations  Fixed eyes unable to probe the sanctity of visions Inexplicable concentration of hateful sentiments Adulterate the mirthful essence of life Mocking with the wilful replication of errors No soul will be content within devious citadels  Discontent … Continue reading It’s Strange

Times of Distress

Warring minds clash vehemently Inadequate education and hallucinations Erecting boundaries where there were none This freedom cannot be captured at any cost Only fools can try to repeat legendary mistakes Making a mockery of the intelligence Challenging the meek to feel the false valor Only inadequate minds can devise such plans There is a constant feeling of insecurity Sinister reactions jeopardize the ecosystem Feeling euphoric … Continue reading Times of Distress