Chaotic Order

The justifications of unjustifiable, the absurdity of lies Speaking at inappropriate moments in a debased language Cringe-worthy exaggerations of body language Like the magician’s distractionary tricks to pull off a show The urgency of deception crafts many masks skillfully Who are they? Whom to believe? Is there no one to whom one can speak without being ridiculed Silent, but that scathing judgemental eyes grabbing the … Continue reading Chaotic Order


Bogs made up of sludge do not reflect but absorbs light hungrily A strange wetland mired in controversies and mysterious appearances Feet being dragged under by some sinister force; strange behaviour for shallowness Heart sinks, fearing the behaviour of a land that has been deluged with negativity Stinks for sure, but the senses are overpowered by a strange smell Land oozes threatening behaviour while walking … Continue reading Sinister


An identity cannot be identical Search precisely in the myriad reflections Duality has a pattern; replicated, but infinite interpretations Balanced with cosmic consciousness Superficially disturbed by vague representations Deliberate ambivalence is an escape route Proves to be a grind as mind nurtures aberrant thoughts Evil flashes across the iris reflects murky intentions Deceptions expose asymmetric behaviour Obscuring the authentic code  Triggering the evolution of irregular patterns© Continue reading Identity


Intensely preoccupied with the dreams Withdrawn, but focused on the visitors unknown Purpose spelt out; formulated to include similar thoughts A shrinking world captured in virtual reality Man to machine, dreams are algorithms  Luring everyone towards an inclusive world Only who wish to exclude the original beliefs Pockets tailored after calculating the desired outcomes Demarcated and identified by numbers Profiles translate to statistics Reality rarely reflected in … Continue reading Preoccupied