A World of Two Nights- A Poem

Night contemplated taking away the dreams farther I cannot risk the comfort of a numb darkness… indifferent time and region Some spaces are anomalies, like sunken areas, where I have fallen I can recognize myself, the language I speak, even as I struggle outside the realm Impassive faces and cold souls, there are languid movements, but no progress Have I missed the time? Forgotten to … Continue reading A World of Two Nights- A Poem


Desires scream for encore moments, nothing changes Maybe the rhythm becomes an addictive necessity for the senses Axis of life rotates around the known dimensions Wobbly movements send disconcerting feelings through the body Looking for a different trajectory in vain Doors and windows trap the emotions deep within walls Unreliable foundations spring concrete surprises in discrete spaces Although flimsy, no one lends an ear in the … Continue reading Aberration