Seeking an Identity

Is it difficult communicating with the nameless one Most of the time the seeking for a name, an identity becomes important A dwelling is not decorated with doors and windows alone The foundation, the homeliness, reflect from the welcome feelings Monasteries and places of worships are open to all Spirituality isn’t confined to the soul but held in the eternity’s soul Where everyone is nameless … Continue reading Seeking an Identity

Far Away from Here

Far away, there, look further, stretch your imaginations to the precipice of illusion Let the visions dance, of ecstasy and thrill of an unknown world beyond the haze Seems magical, the dithyrambic expressions from an unknown composition of a wandering poet Feels slippery, but the toes become extremely dextrous at the entrance of an exhilarating world The breeze brings some ethereal news to prepare the … Continue reading Far Away from Here

End of Day

End of day; the world scurries toward the darkness Feelings collapse and wind blows with less intensity Hiding between the labyrinthine folds of lightlessness There’s a rush for some solace across that anonymity Movement of problems unsettle them forever In motion, but nowhere to go or find some reason They trickle down the cracks and escape Stimulates urban decay in a subtle manner While heads … Continue reading End of Day


Words fail to reach the precincts of some emotions Only a soul is the Empire of an inexplicable void Chaos behind closed eyes Waiting for an Angel to allay the fear of languorous visions  Hugging a shadow in belief to resolve the duality Vast reality is intriguing when shrouded in gray mist Eternity suspended in a cosmic balance Numerous images photographed by nervous eyes Waiting … Continue reading Anonymity

Lost Trails

The lines end abruptly Sacrificed emotions smeared in burnt brown Words forced to be at the pyre Parched papers not succulent anymore Eyes have drifted to contemporary busyness A lacquered pen has lost its fierce creativity Fallen off the curled edges of agony Smouldering heart seeks solace in anonymity Vast verses will be composed Entire universe will be accommodated Walk between the lines  To discover … Continue reading Lost Trails


Thoughts that were perceived to be rouge Convinced by the idiosyncratic views that felt threatened They disintegrated over time Walking away in many directions  Tired of fabricated lies Disengaged and forlorn; exists in anonymity Accumulated dissatisfaction Most of them lost in remote areas of life Barely spoken about  Unwritten anecdotes rarely occupy any space Expunged carelessly Languages so profound never communicate Only hazy realisations Leave some … Continue reading Sometimes

Veil of Anonymity

Lift the veil of anonymity I wish to traverse the obscure path  In solitude, a whisper reverberated Giving me the direction towards Truth Not sure of the projected Reality Let me travel to different dimensions Willing to be anonymous Relinquishing the known and wish for glory This self will surrender to cosmic ways Congregation of blissful energy lures the soul Want to quench my thirst … Continue reading Veil of Anonymity

The Ephemeral

Floating through the ephemeral In a beautiful trance, across space Undefined and untamed cosmic marvel Unsolved equation leaves us with many queries Interspersed with, little known and anonymity Trying to surrender to the cosmic eternity The only way to delve deeper into a meaning A perplexed soul will never retire till truth is revealed Many lifecycles and journeys through different realms The ephemeral is an … Continue reading The Ephemeral