The Birds

The birds seem to have gathered innocuously One called the other, then in unison, then everyone responded They know how to create a rhythm Their wings have brought them here for a purpose Winds must have written some messages on them As scripts, they reveal the messages Their stare, sometimes unnerving They may be speculating over my curious expressions Probably, peering through my subliminal thoughts … Continue reading The Birds

Waiting for a Reply

Your question may not inspire a reply Not an immediate one It takes time to think beyond o’clock And the shadowy philosophy Morning, noon, and night Contemplating how to impose The ideas and beliefs  Hasty questions Disputable minds  Trying to misrepresent freedom A convoluted plot A mirror duel The true reflections obfuscated Let me imagine simply Allowing the questions to seek Not relying on blighted … Continue reading Waiting for a Reply

Time to Change

What leads to a crisis? We may never go back in time and identify the cause of many such instances that have contributed to the present disintegration. It is a deconstruction by Time or rather dissection to expose the network of systematic lies to create enough exasperatingly convoluted world. That which may prompt us to think after being pushed by an idea or accumulating circumstances … Continue reading Time to Change


Thoughts dart around like flies Constant buzz encircle the mind relentlessly Anxious sensors scrutinise new perceptions Thoughts flow in undulations A momentary glance is not enough Reflections transform like magic Downstream travels the transient images It’s the trust in cosmic persuasion It takes immense faith to submerge Decipher the depths without drowning Ecstatic freedom bolsters the feeble wings Stratospheric awakening for the soul Pure thoughts … Continue reading Seeking

Chance Wandering

Skin wakes up;  Brushing against the unrestrained shrubs Murky layered path  Crusty surface becomes finer under pressure Of those feet, in a hurry towards an undefined journey Tingling sensation persists Careless fences do not discriminate Their fate of being rooted along a casual design Maybe an escape through labyrinthine ways Coiled thoughts unfold to reach the boundaries Senses respond to the sudden signs Wandering carelessly … Continue reading Chance Wandering

Finding Comfort

Wherever the soul has been True nature always beckons a traveller In between the lost labyrinths A child wishes to return With silence, claim the answers Carelessly left behind Verdant landscapes Mistakenly folded and kept aside Exposing the unruly paths Erroneously termed autonomy A winding journey Knotted with delirious thoughts Braided, it sits clumsily On a frenetic mind A coronation too burdensome Time brings realisation … Continue reading Finding Comfort

Waiting for a Response

Who shall give a befitting reply to the liabilities? Questions accumulate; kept aside in a heap of added burdens Every day a new resolution to address the pestering concerns Amplifications of those pursuits so alluringly keep the soul busy Life cannot be enclosed within the quotation marks Embellished speeches rarely justify the depth of life Grandiloquent gestures along with eloquent cunningness Deviate life’s real narrative … Continue reading Waiting for a Response

Of Consciousness

Aspirations for being a part of every scripted nonsense will not ensure a meaningful life. Every day, the vociferous dialogues discuss complicated problems by knowingly and unknowingly believing is the counterfeit utterances. Troubles persist and even aggravates when consciousness willingly becomes a slave of plentiful baloney.  Be conscious of yourself and realise the journey that you wish to experience, instead of comparing your life with others around you. … Continue reading Of Consciousness

Beyond the Interpretations

There may have been many interpretations Yet, there’s no stopping this soul for newer inferences Something that the mind perceives from another dimension Every day, the journey takes a new course and meaning Let the interjections and prejudices not deter you Not to obfuscate your journey with borrowed perceptions Lay claim to logical thinking and brave enough to go alone Feel the happiness within for … Continue reading Beyond the Interpretations