Unable to Determine

Our imaginations wish to believe in the beautiful manifestation of nature Dreamers, idlers, and innocent vagabonds always think of being there When communications fail and conscience dictates in a firm language Revolting time shuts down the consciousness too Another reality makes an appearance, but the mirrors are unable to reflect It can be a depressing revelation We are perpetually frozen in an antithetical dream All … Continue reading Unable to Determine


Vermins feed off the stupidity Hypocrites shout to make lies believable Incapacitated reasoning has no cure Weak spirit complain in anonymity Acquiring meaningless objects are orgasmic What preys the mind? There is no prognosis of this way of life Head can barely rest on stubborn pillows Dreams are restless and devoid of sanity Chemists do not have the concoction to treat such ailments Alas! Food … Continue reading Perilous