It Falters

Mere reputation isn’t enough to fight the persistent weather Judgements make them threadbare- a multitude of opinions Carry enough malice with the overt expressions of familiarity Odds are that the genuine effort thwarted by a cathartic milieu Prevails agony along the way of the misfortune and apathy Trivial comments find their way to the conscience like snakes Disrepute thrust upon the pure sentiments… a weary … Continue reading It Falters

Facing Fear

The distant fire seems to be more lethal  Flames within have fallen silent in a bizarre twist Of fate that was overturned by the faulty mirror Up in smokes, the ideologies that were opposed Illustrious absurdities and incendiary dialogues Common apathies while trying to suppress The rage that spreads through nonsensically All the words act as catalysts, there’s no doubt From the nameless one with … Continue reading Facing Fear

The Hostile Climate

Even the most prolific ones feel they should have said more! The silent repentance, the fumbling for words affects them too. What an affliction! There are times that coil up uncomfortably around the emotions and rarely allows them to articulate freely. It feels like desertification! Suddenly, the barren and harsh moments wither the emotions prematurely. The aperture of the eyes gives a silent treatment to … Continue reading The Hostile Climate

Contrary Perceptions

It’s difficult to focus away from the lament and appreciate the verses Whether it is dislike, disenchantment, and delusional aversion, is debated in every age Truth is unbearable; chronicling the temperamental world’s deviations Not all of them have the same background, but the prevalent contempt cannot be erased Symmetrical, ungainly, and even preposterous sometimes can still speak the truth Drafts of a craft, when it … Continue reading Contrary Perceptions


Is it not foolish to miss the grimace on everything that has been around? A bitter haziness from the frosty breaths of sinister gatherings makes the heart jittery Whoever would have thought of the disguised hands to go scot-free after the misdeeds Silly communications around debauched companies where senses are mortgaged Look up, look away, look pervertedly; all of them give away the intentions Regrets … Continue reading Impassive


Ther are numerous sounds we cannot keep track of Even during the most intimate dreams, many sounds are forgotten by the wayside  With lukewarm eyes, one sees ahead but falters when the steps get entangled To those strewn sounds, their intensity and rage create a mysterious network Sometimes solemn moments are not realised in the euphoria of dreams Shivers fling away extraneous emotions wishing to … Continue reading Sounds


When the mind isn’t bored with selfish staring at the reflection There aren’t any avenues to explore other than the mind can control Looking deep, and then, deeper into the soul which is wrapped in ennui Sunken eyes and repetitive heart recites the same old rhymes Phenomenon of persecuting those who are not interested in listening An uncontrollable mind tries to control the thoughts of … Continue reading Stare

Troubled Times

Pangs of troubled landscape sting incessantly Curiousness and consciousness never flourish in arid terrains Frail shades of life engulfed by ominous darkness There’s not enough regret over those erroneous continuities Unaware of that sunset which nullifies the superficial efforts Depleted emotions and redundant aquifers Barely satiates the yearnings of journeyers in harsh times ~Amitav Continue reading Troubled Times

In Convenience

Wish it was not convenience Eyes could have studied the feelings One cannot return to a desecrated place To willingly arrange things Wipe out the memories that are etched Length of time has gone beyond reason It’s inconvenient to walk in reverse direction While a mind is busy looking for a solution Deep emotions aren’t even neighbours There’s no space for love in retrospection Friendship … Continue reading In Convenience