A Rose

What does the rose hide between its petals? The aroma, mystery, love, or hypnotic mantra Everyone falls in love with a rose Sometimes, the lover feels envious of its popularity A rose is much more than a flower From a bud to the flowering grandeur, in many colors It’s held with utmost elegance between slender fingers Thorns wither away and do not have a chance … Continue reading A Rose

As Flowers Bloom

The world smiles As the flowers bloom Embracing the beauty Invoking the heart With mesmerizing aroma Perfumes of the paradise A cosmic blend To invigorate the senses Every step closer To the pedestal of truth Heartfelt offering Of celestial beauties The aroma to awaken Souls from slumber Another step to nirvana A hypnotic realm A confluence Of the eternal truth Divine offering Of blooming flowers© Continue reading As Flowers Bloom