Alienating Nature

When was nature requested to bloom and reveal all the hues  If it was not from love, but an inconsiderate expectation Probably, nature has deliberately forgotten to satisfy the demands With some fanciful clamour of vulgarity resonating persistently There cannot be a peaceful existence when there’s wantonness Time hoodwinks the onlookers with a mysterious transformation Never has a rude destiny brought satisfaction, abundance, and glory … Continue reading Alienating Nature

Painful Reality

It is sorely tormenting to witness the speechlessness  Thought of to be of some noble dreams the persistent contentions In fairness, the arrogant diktats have settled deeper Eyes never look for anything but the strange occurrences  Compassion suffers silently amidst the fuelled parochial pride  Sinewy thoughts strangulate the consciousness; it’s suffocating Love clings for clemency from the unsolicitous assemblies So mightily the fear has struck … Continue reading Painful Reality


Nature eclipsed by arrogance Like an exhibit behind a toughened glass Presented as a special treat for the visitors Still! It does not breathe but stares helplessly Nature feels the abandonment The sighs storm through the silence Brush stroked happiness is not good enough Only the molds appear to devour it Painted happiness steals reality Survives in storytelling- The fields, blooms, and skies All captured, … Continue reading Eclipsed

Words Face the Scare

Words that were born yesterday unable to face the harsh lights The constant glare, stare, is a scare for the unsteady and discontinuous Efficacious time probes them for being there at that moment When they should be nurtured with care before incoherence can destroy It is unfair for them to be sowed along superficial furrows Upon them, the persistence of life’s heavy thoughts are a … Continue reading Words Face the Scare

Stubborn Images

Trust the eyes, after all, they have to see throughout the days conflicting images Of human manipulations; still, seeing is believing, has become an insubstantial saying Distractions direct them to look here and there- unsincere, uncertain, unimpressed Yet, they absorb the images ravenously, almost as if trying to hide its deep incredulity It’s a delight to dance with the light and rhythmically reconcile with the … Continue reading Stubborn Images


The world is crumpled enough It’s difficult reading the silence from choked feelings An unwelcome transformation of the insignificance  This silence isn’t neutral- indignant and chants insolence Words inflamed while being stripped of meanings The uncomfortably folded sentiments  Being scolded by the inherently affected minds Naked words haunt the pristine feelings every day Pages leaden with incriminating notes  There is no chance of turning over … Continue reading Vacuity

To Experience Life

The irresolute emotions breathing in self-seeking desires Loses the vision of a wonderfully expanding world, ready to embrace life and mediate between the upheavals There are lesser chances of escaping the conundrum of woes while desperately looking at the image sculpted from delusional eyes The silhouettes cannot walk around the empire of light without feeling the nakedness From the fetal position to many wanderings with … Continue reading To Experience Life

Between Reflection

You and your reflection part ways unknowingly Faint and eccentric, it plays with the emotions of light and dark Is that where fables are born?  From the dichotomy of characters facing each other and antagonising  When predetermined answer is an arrogant ‘NO’ The feeling of losing a part of the self over the dilemma is a splitting image Fear transforms into agony, and in turn, … Continue reading Between Reflection


When the mind isn’t bored with selfish staring at the reflection There aren’t any avenues to explore other than the mind can control Looking deep, and then, deeper into the soul which is wrapped in ennui Sunken eyes and repetitive heart recites the same old rhymes Phenomenon of persecuting those who are not interested in listening An uncontrollable mind tries to control the thoughts of … Continue reading Stare