In the Meantime

While we become complacent in comparisons, there are more definitions sought to fulfill the vacant spaces that stare with penurious eyes. Such definitions hungrily absorb the original identity. Tackling and juggling the tumultuous sentiments are like a precarious ride from a falsely elevated position. Arrogance is a weak facade to defend against a barrage of sullied reasoning. The temerity of inflated ego is a spectacle … Continue reading In the Meantime

It’s Just Loud

It’s unreasonable drowning in the loudness Self-sacrificed silence; listening to anxious voices Igniting a firestorm Sensing that pride of listeners Eyes glaringly reflect unhallowed emotions Quietened heart insulted with profanities Where has intellectualism gone? Weaknesses have triggered enough conflicts Callow minds fail to interpret Feeble seeds of desire wish to thrive Loudness is the defense of anti-intellectuals Difficult surviving the waves of intense insolence Nature’s … Continue reading It’s Just Loud


One who knows the pulse of life Unseen hand reassures every little change When it’s time to navigate Through the stream of fluid impressions When transformed by the forces Sky scans the elements to maintain a balance Characteristic of life are dented Where chaos of information prevails Simplified knowledge seems bizarre Obdurate consciousness is a burden Fortifying the mind with ferocious dreams Competitions are lost … Continue reading Guidance


Doors with blank stares and contrived promises to keep away strangers Surreptitiously communicate their travails throughout the busy days Strangers with unrecognisable faces look through them with revulsion Intrusive beings do not care about the symbolism of privacy Yet, they extravagantly draw an ambitious imagery from arrogant thoughts Leasing out to ridiculous minds that can articulate lies with conviction Occupying the spaces with disdain and … Continue reading Doors


O we stifle Nature with indignant nature Only as far as consciousness can wander Whispering of the forest and valley echoes Fails to reach the senses; false interpretations Have made profound impact on existence Anxious network of incoherent thoughts Sorrowful conflicts and insecurities galore Brittle frames nervously hold afflictions Seeds have not yielded healthy ideas Weak roots and branches helpless Hollowness carved with incisive negativity Echoes the … Continue reading Defiance

Empty Voices

Echoes the empty voices  With conviction and pride Offering golden moments Gilded with arrogance Warring minds demarcate Boundaries of existence Weak warriors battle Inner conflicts amplified A profound stage desecrated Burlesque drama unfolds Mere exhibitionism Memorised dialogues  Solemn heart forced Plunges into uncertainty Flows the sentiments Conceited river course Maliciously erodes life Befriends illegitimate ideas Estate of controversy Have willful defaulters  ~Amitav  Continue reading Empty Voices

Restless Wings

Fidgety wings brush the rough branches Looking hither and thither, an inquisitive idler Playing with the last rays to reflect on day’s labour Fruitless and famished, city life is abominable Solitary mind reverberates to erode symbol of freedom Wings become weak and vulnerable Skies do not hold nostalgia but smoky screen of turmoil Celebration of decadent ideas is evident “Choking the pure essence of life”, … Continue reading Restless Wings