The Relevance of Literature and its Progress

As brains are being reconfigured in the digital age, we have to ask the relevant question whether the reading habit is being altered too. It is possible, with the huge amount of content that is available with a habitual click and scroll, there seems to be a long-winding trail of content available for reading. Well, how much of reading or scanning that occurs can be … Continue reading The Relevance of Literature and its Progress

Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

Thoughts are the building block of society. ~ Amitav There has always been a callous attitude towards philosophical discourse and critical analysis of life. Due to ambivalence towards such knowledge they have always been either looked at with disdain or overlooked with a passive aggressive behaviour. Philosophical discussions are considered mundane while weak residual knowledge is encouraged. Highlighting the weaknesses and challenging prejudices has always … Continue reading Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

Writing and a Writer

Intense communication in solitude gives birth to good literature.  ~Amitav As a writer, it is easy to fall into the lure of ‘likeability’. Trying to endear oneself to every mind possible, is an attempt to reach out to more readers to create an atmosphere of bonhomie between a writer and reader. There’s nothing wrong with being polite and courteous to everyone, but one should not … Continue reading Writing and a Writer

Practical Guide to Blog Commenting

Like any other Online community, the Blogging community also has some unwritten rules when it comes to commenting on a post. A blogger will expect different types of comments and readers may/may not agree with certain points in the write-up. In fact, the more interest it generates in a reader the blog post is considered a success. Without readers and followers, a blog is insignificant. … Continue reading Practical Guide to Blog Commenting

Contradictions of Reality

Constant shadow of warped logic shrinks the intellect. ~Amitav We like to deal with life that can be planned and will work out according to our perception. A programmed life we can control, and if stretched further, a future that we have imagined. We feel safe when we can give a defined outline to our perception and create a ‘mural’ representing the various scenes from life. … Continue reading Contradictions of Reality

Human Relationship and Communication

Truth has it own way of revealing itself; this world cannot suppress it for long. ~Amitav It is observed that human to human relation is truthful, and simple exchanges or conversations are a healthy discussion of ideas, provided there is less or no influence of popular media. Communication is less adulterated and opinions can be shared with much faith and openness. When an individual can sense … Continue reading Human Relationship and Communication

Flute Tune and A Writer’s Predicament

A recording of the flute was playing for almost six hours at a stretch. Same notes played in a loop transformed the day into a contrived music connoisseur. The hollow bamboo instrument that entices the wind to express such beautiful melody now sounded tired and breathless. The hollowness screamed in agony. It is a torture for the flautist in the imaginary world of an individual’s desire … Continue reading Flute Tune and A Writer’s Predicament

Discard Negative Thoughts and Start Living Life

Negative thoughts are the building blocks to create a fortress around you Life. They block your freedom to look at the positive side of Life and make every day a dreary experience. Suppressing negative energy within has serious ramifications and also limits your interaction with Life. Transforming negative thoughts into something positive will create opportunities for you to open up new avenues.  Negative thoughts deplete … Continue reading Discard Negative Thoughts and Start Living Life

Meaningful Conversations

Engage the World in a meaningful conversation.  ~Amitav When people have nothing to say, they always prefer to say something and those who have so much to say are debating with their hyperactive mind, jugglings thoughts, but without any conclusions; there are no conclusions, only ongoing debate. When you debate, you will be allowed entry into the hallowed chambers, where life is discussed from all … Continue reading Meaningful Conversations