The Love for Art

Some art spills over abundantly to create a new course  Deluge some of the invectives along the way Seeds of character that were dormant will spring surprisingly Bountiful words, with the bouquet of emotions  None of the edifices survived to view this magical transformation Dark imaginations cannot shadow art for too long Pouring bitter feelings over the compassionate crucibles  Beguiled by deceptions no more, the … Continue reading The Love for Art

Through Rejections

Writers do not relish rejections. That is supposedly the sentiment one has when volumes of work lay there in front of your eyes waiting to be placed somewhere. Placed somewhere? Absolutely not, that cannot be an appropriate approach to the hours you have spent, while preventing anyone from stepping into your world of words. A reclusive figure becomes almost a disgusting character. Society does not … Continue reading Through Rejections


Most audacious creativity is only possible when there is no fear of criticism and the courage to shatter the restrictions imposed by perceptions and prejudices. Contributing to Art is not an easy journey. The entire journey is a solitary one, where the creator has to battle social dogmas. Appeasing the handful with a cluster of flattery is not creativity. There will be many instances when … Continue reading Audacious

The Flame

Undistinguished flame is purer than the exaggeratedly dancing photons Its aura has warmth and embraces the entire existence of a soul A rhythmic sway to match with a subtle flirtatiousness of the wind  Beauty does not lose charm and enlightens the eyes to realize aesthetics Patterns of life with the intricate designs and motifs are masterpieces The canvas is tantalizing to the intellect which inspires works of … Continue reading The Flame

Artist and Creativity- The Unknown World

There are multiple personas of an artist. It is an effort by the artist to genuinely characterize the different dimensions of knowledge, with aspects of creativity woven around them; to make them more acceptable to the art enthusiasts. The artist has to communicate a dreary and atypical subject of philosophy and also the inspirations that do not dwell on the popular premises of knowledge communicated … Continue reading Artist and Creativity- The Unknown World

Literature- Words and Feelings

It makes me think if we have all the words to expresses our feelings in their purest form. Even the vocabulary which we have with the synonyms and antonyms in the Thesaurus are not enough sometimes. From sign language to the words and then numerous spoken languages (let’s not forget those languages which are spoken by very few people of an ancient community or tribe), … Continue reading Literature- Words and Feelings

To All Artists

Art presents us the colors which we usually miss in our fleeting existence. It multiplies these hues and blends them to magnify the glorious essence of life. Sometimes, we view life in monochrome and deny our eyes the pleasure of nature’s vivid colors. Art comes forth as the messiah to introduce us to undiscovered perspectives of life, colored with the real essence of life. Art … Continue reading To All Artists

Thoughtful Artistry

Carving out life Every day Chiseling away Busy artisans Creating a world Inspired by Beautiful thoughts And emotions Where brinkmanship Rules over Inadvertent sufferers Flailing hopes Deep paranoia It’s a Herculean task To maintain sanity Striving harder To be more creative And enhancing The beauty of Life Artistry and craftsmanship Will uphold The sanctity of life It’s no mean feat To give hope And breathe … Continue reading Thoughtful Artistry