As Stories Unfold

Windows lament the gloomy days Missed opportunities to hear from the travelling winds Sometimes they mumble after a slight push Lonely for now, they have no new stories to share Out there, the busy world walks in an orchestrated way Empty seats and abandoned dreams Some forlorn faces, but most of them are stoic Different dreams rush past similar paths No glances are exchanged in … Continue reading As Stories Unfold

Vacant Feelings

The pandemonium from the vacant arguments  Somehow, the day is forced to settle down unquietly Time is pulled into the argument and wound tightly Grotesque voices scrape across the walls Murals of anxiety, aggressiveness, and foul language Permanent signs of dissonance Natural lights have been barred from the premises The togetherness of loneliness and other passive fear Many overlapping coffee stains tables the discord Dust … Continue reading Vacant Feelings

Changing Concepts

Ivan always set the pace of his day with his incredibly ambitious plans he thought of. He rushed through the quietness of the morning to immerse himself in the busy city life; his eyes only yearned for the dull grey colours. Manoeuvring through the numbed consciousness of the skewed designs drawn with some grumpy pen. The concepts of such designs are mostly ill-fitting; looks much … Continue reading Changing Concepts

A Passage

Mind may not ascend towards a sky that looks uncluttered Freedom is always a dream perceived through constricted worldly pursuits Mountains of expectations; oh, so unshakeable Moving them aside with determination and eternal prayers Is considered a pilgrimage for the soul- where dreams are crystal clear Levitating those thoughts through sheer power of existence The horizon is impressed and bows down to construct a bridge … Continue reading A Passage

Lured Away

The stubborn perfume of indiscretion lingers on for too long There is no respite from the usual sprinkling of the same fate Sensitive nerve points become numb from the strong aroma Senses have been lured to welcome the impending desires Unaware, that paradise is encroached by irreconcilable poison ivy Of unknown species and mutations by the devilish soul Experimental digressions have surpassed the original code of … Continue reading Lured Away

Hurried Steps

Walking through life in hurried steps Unusual briskness tires the soles too often The feet barely make contact with the Earth Entire body in a state of stiffness from expectations When life becomes an indomitable challenge There was not enough time for self-realization Hurried decisions to plunge into life unprepared Without the knowledge to comprehend details Dreams of acquiring too much too soon Relationships become … Continue reading Hurried Steps


So often, we do not see We visualize the collective thoughts Relentlessly invades our mind To alter the field of vision Pulling us towards a common dream Aspirations, desires, and life Not enough time for introspection Hurried through life’s every juncture Journeying without self-realization We see, yet we falter Knowing, the hurdles are there Becomes a habit to repeat mistakes Defunct ideologies stretched too far … Continue reading See