Protect the Dreams

Soft dreams stray at the first hint of a glaring morning Hope they find a peaceful dwelling till the night visits again Having sworn to protect them from the hastened day It is not a secret that life wishes to evolve in tranquility A perfumed reality awakening from the pure consciousness Only love can help transcend the unremarkable reality Time can be a great friend … Continue reading Protect the Dreams

Surviving Thoughts

If not the mind ruminated on disavowed thoughts From the first faint light to the darkest hours There would have been much more time Without being submerged in unnecessary worries Nebulous times erased from every clock Dreams would have opened up about intrinsic plans ‘Stand back’ says the eyes that seek clarity Live and breathe the simple ideas of universe Go back a few steps … Continue reading Surviving Thoughts

Benevolence of Rains

Rains comb through the entangled emotions Trying to soothe the frazzled nerves with assurance Entire landscape shriveled up with intentional busyness Wonder, where the rains must have traveled from Gathering every little drop to impregnate the clouds Woes of life are persuaded to flow away and cleanse the soul Grey clouds may have an unsmiling demeanor Soul carries the message to provide relief in earnest Negative sentiments … Continue reading Benevolence of Rains