Random Lines

The random lines across the silent zones Unworldly patterns of the mind trying to explore Other dimensions of existence; in an intense adventure Tropical emotions raised from the landscapes Often, the nighttime is the best phase for mishanthrop Elsewhere, there are streams of other sentiments Channeling the rapid changes along the course Sometimes fierce, sometimes docile, lost in phases One does not have the perfect … Continue reading Random Lines

Such Thoughts become a Burden

When thoughts have a certain flavour And it is unagreeable to the fine tongue, it becomes difficult speaking them with flair; for those who wish to hear it may disappear. Leaving you with those thoughts, unsavoury, but you have to deal with the effects; the unconvincing taste lingers irritatingly. Once, the truth appeared distant and snobbish; the type of sentiment surrounding it proved to be … Continue reading Such Thoughts become a Burden

Finding Yourself

Ever get tired of finding yourself? When they insist that you are hiding something If you say, “Nothing”, they look at you compassionately With disbelief within; for they are reflecting on their perception To create a persona they wish to visualise For it to be the final version, in their eyes Plenty of erosions and aberrations, cliches and tightfisted comments Where the hell are you … Continue reading Finding Yourself

Overstretched Confidence

The philosophy of confidence can be stretched way too much over the permissible limit of consciousness. It happens often but we would not notice its effect/after effect after the incident has toppled over the limitations. Who sets those limits? We do- consciously or sub-consciously, we would like to stay within the confines of our knowledge or become a tad overzealous and topple over the bumpy … Continue reading Overstretched Confidence

Time of Communication

The time of this conversation never happened to find a comfortable space. When time has to feign friendliness with hostile and fake time, compulsive misdemeanours are common occurrences. Conversations are avoided and discriminated according to suitability. Unsettling talks probing falsehoods ignite belligerent behaviour, enough to harm fragile relationships. Prevailing sentiments are that of humbugs are truthful, and can be trusted their worth in every word … Continue reading Time of Communication


Holding macabre thoughts persistently or looking at life through distortions of vain conciousness cannot yield a positive life. Yet, many are attracted to such ideologies and create an environment where others feel claustrophobic.  To receive true love and positive thoughts one must first prepare an ambience to gracefully experience those feelings.  Rather than being complicit in continuous tirade, one should contribute meaningfully to life.  ~Amitav  Continue reading Thought


It’s a matter of chance, very slim edge of opportunity When true characters can express their sentiments through dialogues Unwilling world hangs stubbornly for help from knotted cords  Abrupt hurdles challenges the journey with frequent falls Narrations of fate has been less than impressive, a psychological blunder Comprehending life is taken up as a challenge by few profound minds Such thoughts rarely permeate the psyche, … Continue reading Futility


None wants to apologise for the malapropisms  Palpable nervousness evident from contorted expressions Mainstream sentiments have stopped flowing freely Inner churnings are visible from the incessant bubbles on surface The reflections on their slippery surface with rainbow colours Short-lived euphoria when they pop and release the tension It all begins with misplaced feelings and twisted communications© Continue reading Malapropism