Such Barriers

Psychological barriers are stubborn Much more sturdy and resilient they stand Erected over falsely laid foundations Physical manifestations divide But the deepest partition is sanctioned Prejudices create a framework  Concrete ideologies are poured in Blame discriminatory thoughts Emotional barriers go deeper Subliminal yearnings are realised© Continue reading Such Barriers

Those Eyes

Those eyes seeking dreams not within reach Without any narratives, they flow aimlessly Alluring it seems, to forget everything and chase Frantically sets the pace to grasp the phantasm Dreams spin in frenzy after exaggeration Illusion creates strife between life and reality Continuous struggle and outcry proves futile Humanity without humane feelings prosper Inviting the wrath of convergent visions© Continue reading Those Eyes


Disenchantment in the folds of a heart Profane argument emanate from a hypocritical mind Trying to make sense in vain Viciously stirring the fine blend of life to create an upheaval An uprising within forces the feeling of love to spill over Thick layers of monotony cover the walls of darkened abode Bifurcated tongue cannot express life’s language with clarity Feigning naiveness to adulterate the sweet nectar … Continue reading Disenchantment

Conscious Communication

When we meet someone and start communicating, we slowly start creating a perception in our mind of the individual(s). As we continue to proceed, these meetings and interactions may vary and the amount of communication can either increase or decrease, depends on the nature of a relationship that develops. Usually, in a Social setting, it is about formal niceties. If the relationship continues to grow … Continue reading Conscious Communication


The immaturity and failure of adults are due to hurriedness to grow up without being conscious of one’s existence and realizing the true meaning of life. Roots of instability grips and stifles the growth of an individual. Social narratives are becoming more intolerant and aggressive, thus creating a negative impact on society. Considering failure to be inevitable is an inevitable path towards failure.  ~ Amitav Continue reading Failure

Opinions and Discussions

The ability to engage in an evolved and intellectual dissent is rare. We all have opinions to express as they emerge from consciousness, perceptions, and acquired information from different sources (books, media, communication with others, personal experience, etc). Although individuals from different walks of life give the impression, or, would like us to believe that they have the ability to listen to contrary opinions, it’s seldom … Continue reading Opinions and Discussions


Itinerary planned through installations and institutions Insurgent thoughts inciting incendiary incidents Inimical thoughts indict the heart by initiating inconvenience Intolerance emanates from incapable and incarcerated intellect Individual ideas indoctrinated with idiomatic incantations Inadequate identity is indisposed from inescapable inflictions Id inflates with illegitimate and insolent ideologies© Continue reading Inconsiderate

Mind Matters

You are never secure in an insular world. The mind becomes a failure while creating indelible boundary lines with various stereotypes. Communication of the most inferior quality is borne out of fear to expand consciousness and accept the positive changes that are taking place in the Universe. The false perception of freedom and superiority complex is an amplification of insecurities and the inability to engage. … Continue reading Mind Matters