Comfortable Silence

Hold on to the precious thoughts while sinking deeper into silence Comfortable friendship and trust that can evolve with time Some tracks are unseen by the naked eyes, but felt with the soul Interrupting barriers do not look challenging to the seekers Shadows are not dark anymore but a reassuring embrace Universe is not a miser to those who pray for cosmic opulence Reality dawns … Continue reading Comfortable Silence


Some experiences cannot be theorised Beyond conventional awareness Their presence is an eternal reality,  Due to their nature of existence- In an amorphous state   There’s no existential crisis Being is the purpose   Alert and agile, the mind seeks Soul, the dimension unexplored Carrying cryptic messages When everyone is in denial So be it!   There’s normality in stillness A celestial metamorphosis Light comes to … Continue reading Experience

Mystical Music

Mystical sound waves weave magic As I can visualize the transparent screen Composed of pure music Reflecting my subtle imaginations vividly Waves of universal symmetry Transitions each dream into a lucid space Music takes the Spirit to another world Nature reveals the hidden wonder This space is perfect haven to reminisce The sound waves lead me to a different realm Where harmony reflects from every facet© Continue reading Mystical Music

Tranquil Blue

Calling of the tranquil blue Reflecting the myriad perspectives of life Communicating with the spirit in many expressions The calmness energizes the aura Illuminating with the brightness of inner peace Running through the mind to spark off consciousness Evoking the senses to send out subliminal messages Expansive blue gives direction to the soul Wisdom flows through the existence in blue© Continue reading Tranquil Blue

Aura of Darkness

The eyes adjust well with the darkness around Away from the blinding lights of false dreams Here, embraced by the silence and tranquility Wafting aroma of true bliss and meaningful soliloquy Heart finds a purpose and inspiration to contemplate You can feel the aura illuminate the entire existence The eyes now have clear perception to search for meaning Covers of the mystical darkness and aural … Continue reading Aura of Darkness

Through the Labyrinth

Through the labyrinth Of interconnectedness Flowing through The arterial branches Across the sea Of turbulence Trying to find semblance To corroborate The individual presence Attached to the core Life beats with rhythm It takes time To maneuver through The depths of obscurity Toward oblivion An unknown maze Mind knows all An old soul Looking to adapt To the new light New horizons Await the braveheart … Continue reading Through the Labyrinth