Approaches of a drowsy evening sweeps over the solitary abode Invitation to drink freely from nature, the golden elixir Prepared with cosmic love, the mellow feeling saturates a yearning heart Immersed in solitude there is an urge to inundate the blank pages With verses, in the praise of life and ultimate magnanimity towards a soul Considered lost and busyness has given up any hope of … Continue reading Solitary

Veil of Anonymity

Lift the veil of anonymity I wish to traverse the obscure path  In solitude, a whisper reverberated Giving me the direction towards Truth Not sure of the projected Reality Let me travel to different dimensions Willing to be anonymous Relinquishing the known and wish for glory This self will surrender to cosmic ways Congregation of blissful energy lures the soul Want to quench my thirst … Continue reading Veil of Anonymity

Austere Thoughts

Cloaked in the austere thoughts Entrenched within the soul and mind Life’s real purpose is revealed Adopt the pace of life and walk along Life’s intricate alleys open up To the one who is the willing traveler Experience many facets of life Explore the deeper meanings of life You, an incarnation of Nature Evoke the magnanimity and patience Happiness comes with purpose That life wants … Continue reading Austere Thoughts