The Chances

That which is being sought by the assembly of blurry dreamers Know not, the possibilities of the world that dawns Not even contemplating about the probabilities One thread that is being held on to, now unwound from the spool Chances of the daily thoughts getting entangled There are myriad changes blinking feebly for a while Like the ephemeral dreams across the unfortunate landscape The behemoth … Continue reading The Chances

Unsure Days

Some days are just glances, others stay here to scrutinize Their temperament lasts a little longer- Moods sway between tranquillity and unsettled time Prompted by the duality of a day split into ‘either’ and ‘or’ Silently the oars cut through the little undulations On days like these, the mirrors are also confused The reflections are scattered and multiplied erroneously You never decide the colours on … Continue reading Unsure Days

It’s Sleep

Sleep was a charlatan Asking me to recline Obfuscating the light Head leaning away From the dreams Distant clock chimed An alien tune of time Pushing life away Toward an unreality Dreams flowing away Cascading furiously The impaled heart Unable to feel the rush Resting on clock hands It was anticlimactic Dreams rushed in From unknown lands Sleep seized the day Hapless dreams Spoke in … Continue reading It’s Sleep