Writing Is…

A writer decides what writing is; sometimes undefined, they are natural flow of feelings. A journey with, words without restraint; worrying less about their intentions, because they come from the heart. A reader does not define the course of writing, but goes with the flow and immerses in those rich feelings resonating from the pages. A writer wouldn’t be true to the soul if truths … Continue reading Writing Is…

The Hand

The hand can be creative Sow seeds of hope with words Watch feelings bloom Spirited ink inspire the roots Of letters that read to the heart Touching universe’s beauty Hand blessed with eternity Soundless moments of Earth It’s a parallel reality in lines The defeat of Behemoth Freedom reclaimed Verses are too profound Awaken the ears Invoke the mighty minds Hand is revered Closing the … Continue reading The Hand

Inessential Time

Time meddling with this reality leaves everyone breathless There’s no respite from the busy detours and tortuous paths Complicated time unable to answer simple questions Transforming the mind into a careless narrator of stories Conspired by the shadow of a reality stolen from darkness’s womb Stories amateurishly plagiarised by careless storytellers Seeding doubts across the furrows of the earth Time eventually crinkles; chastised by moments … Continue reading Inessential Time

Love Affair with Thoughts

Love affair with thoughts continue to intrigue the mind Even the heart is unaware sometimes and baffled at the emotions Arising from an unknown space of existence; a search continues Thoughts may stifle and trifle, even miscalculate the relationship Eyes wide open but the images remain constant and repetitive Change seems to be a disguised distraction to colour perceptions Evanescent love affair with thoughts magnify the … Continue reading Love Affair with Thoughts