Time Whispers

Can whispers nurse the distressed ears?  Hoping for a more sympathetic correspondence with life They may not be confessions and complaints But a little chatter of the heart would compensate  It may be meagre, but the caring times is precious It is not human selfishness to walk away somewhere far Sometimes distances are useful teachers Only the desire for whispers and some calming moment It … Continue reading Time Whispers

Celestial Plan

The earth immediately embraces the soul which cries out its name Love, desires, joys, and sorrows are communicated by the universe What is destiny, but the invisible path that traverses a celestial plan Every creation is the pure desire which breathes life in a resting soul In silence, feelings express themselves realising earth’s consciousness Choosing to enwrap the desired kismet around a life’s chosen path … Continue reading Celestial Plan


Poet appears before a worrisome world Conceive the power to convey the essential feelings Truth isn’t ephemeral and love is the eternal mother The clenched world has to relent and release the emotions Looking at the blank pages for some inspiration To raise some eternal moments devised by the universe Accursed seasons shall weaken and fade away The prayer composed by the poet for soul’s … Continue reading Benediction


Do you lengthen the day as you grudgingly hold on to the torturous thoughts Although the day may have banished them long ago, the heart still wants to sort them out during nighttime Waiting for the luminous orb to shower some celestial light on the worldly problems Upon darkness’s arrival, the aura of this ever-expanding reality births a new beginning Lighten the heart and soul … Continue reading Fathom

Far Away from Here

Far away, there, look further, stretch your imaginations to the precipice of illusion Let the visions dance, of ecstasy and thrill of an unknown world beyond the haze Seems magical, the dithyrambic expressions from an unknown composition of a wandering poet Feels slippery, but the toes become extremely dextrous at the entrance of an exhilarating world The breeze brings some ethereal news to prepare the … Continue reading Far Away from Here

The Voyage

World in your eyes, a universe resides in the soul The Voyage across places of wonder mapped in celestial maps Turmoil from apprehensions follow; that’s a test of resilience How far a voyager will go navigating across turbulent times It’s tyrannical to anchor the free-spirited desires early in life Where every sparkling dream is chastised and doomed Beasts appear in fairy tales and folklores of … Continue reading The Voyage

It’s Time

Some memories at odd hours come back again, knocking rather impatiently At the time when darkness is about to engulf the day which has been unsatisfactory Even some unwanted guests are here at the door; to seek an audience, or just disturb the silence with some banter In times of dilemma, no one wants to listen patiently or be there to share the burden of … Continue reading It’s Time