Through Dreams

Dreams have struggled to stay afloat Immoralities drowned them in white noise Awry mind wishes to neaten the sleep Half-sunk eyes reflect through undulations Searching for freshness beyond the brine Possibilities keep alive the relevance When the horizon is suspended precariously One moment of truth can save the soul Scrawny branches of winter are far off One has to journey through different slumber ~Amitav Continue reading Through Dreams


One who knows the pulse of life Unseen hand reassures every little change When it’s time to navigate Through the stream of fluid impressions When transformed by the forces Sky scans the elements to maintain a balance Characteristic of life are dented Where chaos of information prevails Simplified knowledge seems bizarre Obdurate consciousness is a burden Fortifying the mind with ferocious dreams Competitions are lost … Continue reading Guidance


In a crowd, faces are puzzles  So many different combinations of thoughts Some, we reflect Also, absorbing keenly the unobstructed reflections Intersecting at a space of consideration There is an emptiness which we try fill with reasoning A nervous approach at conclusions The very essence of humanity tilting towards them Sometimes pleasing; mostly a conflict of auras Sensitive portrayal of overzealous brains Lips dangling in … Continue reading Conundrum

Comfortable Silence

Hold on to the precious thoughts while sinking deeper into silence Comfortable friendship and trust that can evolve with time Some tracks are unseen by the naked eyes, but felt with the soul Interrupting barriers do not look challenging to the seekers Shadows are not dark anymore but a reassuring embrace Universe is not a miser to those who pray for cosmic opulence Reality dawns … Continue reading Comfortable Silence


It is difficult keeping pace with the Light Wanderers wade through darkness It takes soul’s inclination to become a pilgrim Departure from the sinful companions An intense struggle in a gloomy world Phantoms are serfs to gratification Inhospitable thoughts crowd the heart A transformation so ghastly Mirror finds a reflection repulsive Unchaste mirrors present an illusion Crafted by the fiendish hands Guided by the strong illusion of … Continue reading Direction

To Emerge

Mirror transforms at the touch of unfathomable darkness Acquires this aura of mysteriousness and charming demeanour Phrases carry a subtle nervousness while communicating Shadows are overlooked while mesmerised by a reflective barrier Sentiments rise above the constructed constraints of time Reminiscing those moments whose murmurs are now audible Yearning of a heart reflected in a transformed surreal world Lit up firmament prepares the stage for … Continue reading To Emerge

In a Journey

A heart consolidates various stories from imaginary wanderings Just above the worldly; distracted and strewn valuables require trustworthy spaces Delicately walking through nothingness before invoking celestial guidance There’s no worry of sinking in the buoyant environment Frenetic heart communicates with the soul in language of clarity This Paradise is just one of the facets of the unrealised completeness Smear the divine vermillion to purify a tired body … Continue reading In a Journey


Thoughts dart around like flies Constant buzz encircle the mind relentlessly Anxious sensors scrutinise new perceptions Thoughts flow in undulations A momentary glance is not enough Reflections transform like magic Downstream travels the transient images It’s the trust in cosmic persuasion It takes immense faith to submerge Decipher the depths without drowning Ecstatic freedom bolsters the feeble wings Stratospheric awakening for the soul Pure thoughts … Continue reading Seeking