The Blank

Not all blank spaces can be filled by desired feelings They exist to bridge the journey towards another destination It takes courage and faith to rely on the unknown Allow the steps to be lighter before embarking on the journey Leave the burden aside, reconcile and move on Try moving closer to the nucleus of consciousness Compose a summary of sincere renunciations Perhaps, the blank … Continue reading The Blank

New Reasoning

It takes a while before the mind can grasp morning’s contemplations Languorous eyes are teased by dancing lights of the East First calling of the soul attends to wake up the drowsy mind Gesticulating winds narrate an interesting story of the Earth Setting into motion a new journey that has been pondered upon Answering those questions when they wake up in earnest Senses reconcile with the … Continue reading New Reasoning

Some Dreams

When the mind pauses to experience nothingness Cradled in a dream moment Everything vanishes from this part of reality Without permission from worldly desires Noises funnel down to a barely audible whisper Taste of sleep brings along this prevailing calm Muffled songs can be heard by the soul This is a world echoing with prayers Such grandeur around the world of nothingness Hours are erased … Continue reading Some Dreams


It is the whispers that stir the clam surfaces of emotions Initial quaver tries to reach the ground that settled to retire prematurely Calm flow contradicting the undercurrent of untold stories A temporary seclusion forced by the conscious drift through this reality Finding refuge in the derelict part of a forgotten territory Beggared soul still wishes for the simple opulence of truth Soft whispers echo the … Continue reading Whispers

Finding Comfort

Wherever the soul has been True nature always beckons a traveller In between the lost labyrinths A child wishes to return With silence, claim the answers Carelessly left behind Verdant landscapes Mistakenly folded and kept aside Exposing the unruly paths Erroneously termed autonomy A winding journey Knotted with delirious thoughts Braided, it sits clumsily On a frenetic mind A coronation too burdensome Time brings realisation … Continue reading Finding Comfort

When Thoughts Arise

Winds rush in, but my thoughts are not prepared to fly “There is no urgency”, my soul reasons with restless messengers Baffling conversations arise; meandering through different ambience Waves of thoughts and their effervescence cannot be contained Exuberance of the soul clearly reflected in the eyes Trees and birds wait in anticipation; waiting to breach the palisades This reality waiting to be superseded by valiant … Continue reading When Thoughts Arise

Mystical Dark

Naked water is draped in shimmering eventide Reverie will recede in the background of magical land Frills and fascinating ripples embellish the patterns Soul is stripped off the unnecessary disguise Retina wakes up with ultra sensitive display of iridescence Birth of ultimate rejoice on the heart pushes the boundaries Eager soul wishes to take a plunge deeper in peace Rising from the water after an … Continue reading Mystical Dark

Momentous Event

Sweet indolence of silhouettes expresses their feelings Charming surrender at the altar of eternal silence Darkness yet to be woken up from the midnight green bed Through the arcs, folds, and screens of hazy wilderness First light prepares to ease the creases of night’s languor A momentous event unfolds across the valleys Cosmic pulses set the rhythm of a new dawn Latent feelings and awakenings … Continue reading Momentous Event

New Images

Hands and feet carelessly tap with the heart’s rhythm Maybe the feelings generate enough attention among the nerves Brilliant sparks introduce life to a parallel and perceptive truth Wrinkles of sarcasm ease after healing with new awakening Tremors and jolts are cushioned by soft padding of consciousness Sharp turns direct the journey through new avenues Melancholic languages wither away as blooms new hope Soul engages … Continue reading New Images

The Distance

Distance between the eyes do not matter They focus with childlike wonder as beauty unfolds Lively vision reflects the ecstasy of nature  Crystal clear dreams dance around with passion Chalice fills up with those intense feelings within Palpable quietness embraces the excited soul A slumbering heart is aware of a new chase Following the trails of light across cosmic horizon From repose, an awakening initiated … Continue reading The Distance