Off Balance

If there were no movements would you have found your stability Imaginations never liked stagnating and getting muddled with indistinct thoughts Significant moments of feeling the pulse of change; consciousness learns to balance the momentum Even in stillness, the void expands, responding to the cosmic rhythm Feels like an unknown existence while connecting to the distant hum Even before time existed and nothing was conceived, … Continue reading Off Balance

Of Criticisms and Praise

Instead of pushing back criticism, collect them and analyze their psychology. It may reflect surprising, otherwise hidden, some nuanced behavioural aspects of how humans react to situations. A piece of writing may be followed by praise or criticism. While all praises may not be justified, the criticisms, although incisive may speak volumes about characteristics of minds and their reactions to a piece of writing. Reflect … Continue reading Of Criticisms and Praise


Words fail to reach the precincts of some emotions Only a soul is the Empire of an inexplicable void Chaos behind closed eyes Waiting for an Angel to allay the fear of languorous visions  Hugging a shadow in belief to resolve the duality Vast reality is intriguing when shrouded in gray mist Eternity suspended in a cosmic balance Numerous images photographed by nervous eyes Waiting … Continue reading Anonymity

Languorous Day

Amidst a languorous day, the heart chooses to be in a fetal position Deep contemplations of the meditative body- though, mind has license to wander  Through prismatic vision; not an anomaly of focus, but flares of consciousness Divine wavelengths rush through the cosmic filter to fill the world with abundance In nature’s womb, visionary ideas are modified immaculately for beneficial future Intricate designs are modelled by … Continue reading Languorous Day

Realizing the Harmony

Realizing the harmony and pondering on the cadence It’s a relief from the agony and plethora of conflicting voices Tired words try to escape the overburdened brain There are constant exchanges of indecisive feelings When speech becomes jarring sounds and torments the tongue Soul wishes to plunge into the depth of nothingness Away from the invited unpleasantness due to uninformed choices A world filled with delirium submerges … Continue reading Realizing the Harmony

Lack of Equilibrium and Contemplations

The ambivalence of mind and existence Creates two extremes- of surrender and mutiny Highly volatile phases followed by submissive calm Many pseudo-philosophies have been postulated To distract the mind towards haphazard directions Each, leading towards a cul-de-sac Men and women, leading their children Everyone following the path of uncertain journey Of unknown consequences, this world turns tumultuous There is no sense of calm, minds influenced … Continue reading Lack of Equilibrium and Contemplations