Of Reading and Socializing

There is no death of literature. Words expressing the thoughts and feelings of a writer, be it from any century, are revived by the reader.  Every time a reader narrates the lines, they get a new lease of life. They have immense power to influence multitudes and although interpreted in different ways, can bring them to a common platform. This is where literature plays an … Continue reading Of Reading and Socializing

Cynicism or Optimism- A Fine Balance

Voices are being raised against ‘optimism’ and ‘positivity. There are certain sections of the society who have become delusional and question the veracity of being optimistic. I have no idea about their experiences and their thought processes which prompts them to question the positive tenets of life. Although it is true that one cannot be positive and optimistic in every situation in life, but one … Continue reading Cynicism or Optimism- A Fine Balance

Holistic Writing

Writing is a holistic experience. It’s like meditation with thoughts, ideas, emotions, and philosophies. As a writer it is extremely important to be aware of the many facets of life; developing this awareness takes time and usually helps the writer to comprehend life in its entirety. There are two sides of life, which are precariously balanced on a fulcrum- the positives and negatives. Balancing these … Continue reading Holistic Writing

Philosophers’ Words

So often the philosophers’ words Are repeatedly churned out Words remain words Without their due credence Wisdom remains within the pages There comes an era When the philosophers’ sentiments Wither away or derided Making a mockery of the deep wisdom Education is just a term When the mind remains delusional Lacking the ability to interpret From viewing things through Tinted glasses of false perceptions Passive … Continue reading Philosophers’ Words

Thoughtful Artistry

Carving out life Every day Chiseling away Busy artisans Creating a world Inspired by Beautiful thoughts And emotions Where brinkmanship Rules over Inadvertent sufferers Flailing hopes Deep paranoia It’s a Herculean task To maintain sanity Striving harder To be more creative And enhancing The beauty of Life Artistry and craftsmanship Will uphold The sanctity of life It’s no mean feat To give hope And breathe … Continue reading Thoughtful Artistry