Thoughts were banished at the end of a balmy day Relentless they were, to trigger the ebb and flow of life A charmed life lost in the meanderings of loquacious ways Phantom dreams mislead the weary traveller Fame, once inscribed on the temple have lessened Weathering turmoil, through the seasons of intellectual drought The feigned gilded wings failed to take off Slumbers of spurious dreams … Continue reading Banished


Thoughts that were perceived to be rouge Convinced by the idiosyncratic views that felt threatened They disintegrated over time Walking away in many directions  Tired of fabricated lies Disengaged and forlorn; exists in anonymity Accumulated dissatisfaction Most of them lost in remote areas of life Barely spoken about  Unwritten anecdotes rarely occupy any space Expunged carelessly Languages so profound never communicate Only hazy realisations Leave some … Continue reading Sometimes