A Transformation

Playful winds start a conversation with the incandescent horizon  What conspires, is the onlooker’s dilemma Now is the time for a sprightly day to say adieu to restlessness A momentary pallor is filled with ruddy enthusiasm Warm breeze comes closer to narrate the secret conversation In solitude, watching the retreat of this time through a passage Dreams ignited before night can settle down in soft … Continue reading A Transformation

First Silence

First silence, when humanity has not disturbed its existence Who can narrate with the same intensity in that language? Visions shared by all the dimensions of a glaring canvas Of eternal magnitude, cosmic lights stare at the paradise Night’s eyes become heavy as golden kingdom awakens Planning about the profound prayer before to heal life Horizons come closer with the calling of every world Messages … Continue reading First Silence

No Rush

Measured quivering, unknown rhythm of eventide Flurry of activities of winged messengers before retiring Sky gently blends the afterglow with warm invitations for night There is no rush, yet, we cannot fathom the eternal patience Precise movement according to the mood that prevails Nature does not narrate its feelings in abbreviations Glorious languour entices the solitary observer within its folds Exceptional beauty reveals pure feelings without … Continue reading No Rush

Eternal Echoes

Occult poetry narrated in a sonorous tone across the firmament I collect myself and prepare the mind to immerse in Divine experience Images of life beyond comprehension emerge with tranquil resilience Summoning the soul to present itself in front of eternal altar Echoes of wings along with the beautiful trail of transforming shapes Earth looks like a dream and emerges with true colours of cosmic … Continue reading Eternal Echoes

Oceanic Moments

Tantalisingly close, yet the depths are unfathomable Oceanic secrets held by eternity as a mysterious chapter Waves are tranquil and uproarious, depending on the feelings Silence and stormy moments do not yield the precious secrets Listening to the echoing sounds and jostling emotions  Is an experience along the passage of timelessness Footsteps on the sands will be washed away or erased by winds A traveler’s efforts … Continue reading Oceanic Moments

Subtle Evening

Soft speeches of a mellow evening becomes audible Eager senses wishes to rest for a while with the intriguing tales Accompanied with dulcet tunes, the narration reaches a crescendo Poet’s heart is thrilled to communicate in a softer tone of life Carrying delicate emotions nurtured by cosmic love Now it’s time to listen to the messengers beyond time Silence promises to shelter the tender moments … Continue reading Subtle Evening