First Appearance

Who knew the beginning will be an enigma, but here we are still puzzled, complexities wrapped around consciousness Seeking a definite purpose, with codes of morality, ironed out, but the creases are still evident Lack of evidence, exhaustive calculations and hypotheses; but the transformations are subtle and beyond any perceptible change, the one we can control Every period with their own set of problems, a … Continue reading First Appearance

Lifeless Beginnings

Some thoughts are dead beginnings! They cannot be revived but stretched laboriously through the untrodden path. You think, you think, but it really entangles you with lifeless thoughts; consider, it is ‘life-less’, but still has enough life to trouble the mind. It will be humiliating to believe that such contradictions do not have the ability to warp your thought process. It is often the case, … Continue reading Lifeless Beginnings


The fragrant candour of blossoms  Cadenced sways like innocent laughter Country ways lead to places of forgotten paradise Wide eyes and friendly smiles transform the face After a long time a feeling of new enthusiasm It’s the energy of awakening and celebrating Greeted by garlanded landscapes Today, the soul feels blessed with Nirvana Someone has lifted the burden  Walking straight and spring in steps Today, time … Continue reading Candour

Momentous Event

Sweet indolence of silhouettes expresses their feelings Charming surrender at the altar of eternal silence Darkness yet to be woken up from the midnight green bed Through the arcs, folds, and screens of hazy wilderness First light prepares to ease the creases of night’s languor A momentous event unfolds across the valleys Cosmic pulses set the rhythm of a new dawn Latent feelings and awakenings … Continue reading Momentous Event


Let those unsettling thoughts burn peacefully Ashes will seem to be gloomy in fading light Waiting for cover of night to satiate the embers Dying fire of rage will finally surrender tonight Vision will cut through ephemeral existence Walking away from the plunders of vanity No forceful mastery over ways of chosen life Tawny canvas absorbs the disconsolate tears Wiped illustrations of melancholy fade slowly … Continue reading Ashes

End and Beginning

Every beginning has an end writ as its fate From another end, to create a different beginning Modifying the flaws and altering the code An experimentation to negate anomalies Weak ties will be identified and retired  No beginning is possible without an end An alter-ego holding a contrary theory of Life Two opposites communicate and try to balance Every spiral will be modified to sequence … Continue reading End and Beginning