Wicked Desires

Incandescence of jealousy lighten the colours of naturally vibrant feelings Such meek surrender to comparisons in a way fraught with pernicious desires A voraciously consuming relationship that feeds off an ambivalent mind Mischief in the eyes of intentions masked by numerous excuses that are conceived Nervous relationship surrounded by a plethora of overzealous devilish eyes There are so many reasons to deceive the soul while … Continue reading Wicked Desires

The Frivolous Eagerness

There’s never an eagerness to hold on to thoughts that have not metamorphosed Haven’t been able to absorb the concepts of the universe to resonate the subtle changes Instead of creating an alter-ego and staring exasperatedly at the faulty mannerisms Reflected off the illusionary mirrors, conceived by the drops of ignorance To stultify the images and also allow them to be mocked at by the … Continue reading The Frivolous Eagerness


When you look out but does little to transform your outlook Dormant looks barely speak with the changing environment  Some particles won’t metamorphose or dance with the change With enthusiasm and life’s energy to nourish it out of boredom Stringent perspectives won’t disentangle to allow breathing Looking isn’t enough when the inner voice is unheard Estranged from the heart and mind, the outlook seems to … Continue reading Viewpoint

As Thoughts Behave

The deluge of thoughts can be overwhelming when the fortress of the mind crumbles due to discomfitting feelings. Vulnerability draws a pattern of fissures that expand and reluctantly grow apart. Selfish self-love or just a pretense to keep away the minds from prying too much. They have this habit of peeking unnecessarily; a habit that defies logic, especially among adults. What’s the pleasure of knowing … Continue reading As Thoughts Behave


Holding macabre thoughts persistently or looking at life through distortions of vain conciousness cannot yield a positive life. Yet, many are attracted to such ideologies and create an environment where others feel claustrophobic.  To receive true love and positive thoughts one must first prepare an ambience to gracefully experience those feelings.  Rather than being complicit in continuous tirade, one should contribute meaningfully to life.  ~Amitav  Continue reading Thought


None wants to apologise for the malapropisms  Palpable nervousness evident from contorted expressions Mainstream sentiments have stopped flowing freely Inner churnings are visible from the incessant bubbles on surface The reflections on their slippery surface with rainbow colours Short-lived euphoria when they pop and release the tension It all begins with misplaced feelings and twisted communications© Continue reading Malapropism

Life Lesson

You only require extensive ‘Branding’ when you want to sell something and popularise the same. A lot of media attention and bandwidth is dedicated to disseminate unhealthy and regressive ideologies. It is evident, that respect for each other in society is diminishing, causing more friction, frequently resulting in conflagrations. Life does not need ‘Labels’ and as it is not a commodity or a corporate idea, so … Continue reading Life Lesson