Is it not foolish to miss the grimace on everything that has been around? A bitter haziness from the frosty breaths of sinister gatherings makes the heart jittery Whoever would have thought of the disguised hands to go scot-free after the misdeeds Silly communications around debauched companies where senses are mortgaged Look up, look away, look pervertedly; all of them give away the intentions Regrets … Continue reading Impassive


Probably, stuck somewhere amidst the chaotic perspectives Feels reassuring?  Or, just the comfort of being mollified constantly determines everything There is an aspiration to advance, but the cause isn’t so powerful Enduring the repetitiveness numbs the consciousness Why be so aggrieved from the unfolding events that can alleviate? It’s just that the fire of jealousy burns bright, albeit for a brief moment Askant eyes reflect … Continue reading Confounded

Of Illusions

There’s no stopping someone fighting one’s own illusions Pounding the Earth with tired feet and resisting the images with flailing arms Speaking to deceptions requires one to create a language deceptive enough Tremulous earth signals the tremblings which have convulsed the inner world Despairing because of tumultuous moments fill the eyes with bitter tears Sweet illusions no more, the strained neck positions the face to … Continue reading Of Illusions


The psychology of philosophy demolishes many myths of human character: the actions, reactions, choices, justifications, judgments, behaviour, and prejudices. It is obvious that philosophy deconstructing human nature will attract criticism, denial, and outright vilification. The philosopher’s choice of words constructs a credible narrative from deep observation and introspection (necessary to erase any doubt and biased perspective) that can shape the work into some delusional critical … Continue reading Interpretations


When the mind isn’t bored with selfish staring at the reflection There aren’t any avenues to explore other than the mind can control Looking deep, and then, deeper into the soul which is wrapped in ennui Sunken eyes and repetitive heart recites the same old rhymes Phenomenon of persecuting those who are not interested in listening An uncontrollable mind tries to control the thoughts of … Continue reading Stare

Eerie Truth

Palpable nonchalance while identifying the mind behind an ideology There is a lazy impulse to pick up the easily available justifications Even if it is rejected, the mind that created this dogma hold on to excuses Just extolling the beliefs without any consideration of accepting the fault Such indistinct ideas gather momentum and credence among multitude The stink of brazen behaviour becomes unbearable for the … Continue reading Eerie Truth


Happiness escaped between the fingers Drifted away in anguish over uncertain emotions Sweet reminders and loving gestures neglected ‘Once upon a time…’ felt reassuring in fairy tales With ultimate disdain and of cradles fury There is that instinct to curse good moments Shameful passion burns incorrigibly That lamentation is weak in dealing with life Brewed unhappiness colour tears with anguish Lifeless course plots the journey … Continue reading Lamentations