Rendezvous with Self

When was the last time you missed yourself? Thinking and consolidating your thoughts, to create a more vivid image of yourself. It is imperative to understand yourself -the kind of thoughts you harbor, the vision you have about life, the tendencies to extract different types of knowledge; every aspect is important to help you in the journey. Most often we start shaping our thoughts according … Continue reading Rendezvous with Self

Philosophy of Life

Philosophy or the love for wisdom is a relentless pursuit. Every day it is a new dawn, new opportunities, and new realizations.  Philosophy is intrinsically woven in the tapestry of life. Thoughts are spontaneous and they emerge from the journey of life, past experiences and your interactions with the world around you. They may be positive or negative and thus impact the course of life. … Continue reading Philosophy of Life

Untold Stories

Untold stories Words cannot express Your silence speaks Vociferous heart Yet no audience Storyteller’s predicament Caught betwixt The paradox Many words will Forever be obscure In the vault Awaiting the arrival Of a traveler Who can interpret The silence Mind search for meaning In the untold stories Communicate the feelings Kept away from the world A fellow traveler Will journey ahead Mesmerized by The untold … Continue reading Untold Stories


Peace is not just a word. It’s a belief and way of life which has to be adopted and imbibed into your life. Only place where you can realize Peace, is within yourself. When your soul, mind, and entire body is aligned with the cosmic truth and let go off the negative feelings, you can entirely be at peace. You can only find peace within, and it’s positive effects radiate in your existence and persona. Be happy and be at peace. Continue reading Peace