Late Awakening

The verdure loveliness laments at the apathy of delayed morning No! The Sun has not fled; it’s the proudness of the clouds to be blamed Some alarms wake up the heart with such palpitating moments Consoling winds urge the clouds not to hold on to the precious tears A responsive landscape wait to nourish the sprouting life Brightness will follow after the desires of life … Continue reading Late Awakening


Deeply indebted to nature For the existence and survival Yet, we have the oldest enmity Even the slightest overgrowth Prompts humanity to lacerate The soul of such beauty Many wounds have been inflicted Humanity’s presence increased Dominating every acre that was conquered Footprints went haywire Tinge of delight on the false sense of victory More of a blot on the Karma Soon the crucible will … Continue reading Indebted

Messenger of Dreams

Share your dreams with the winds Let them be the messengers Your dreams will travel to farthest lands Touching upon the mountain peaks Across the valleys and dense forests Through the waterfalls and the streams Dreams joyfully dancing with the winds Carefree, with the forces of nature Willingly listening to the echo of your dreams Inspiring the universe to meditate on them Your ardent plea … Continue reading Messenger of Dreams