The stultifying existence often find a place in some fatalistically optimistic manuscript Scolded and molded into a submissive narrative; exasperatingly intricate with the vulgar details Of all the sins that are glorified bloom in an alternate paradise conceived by the infernal imaginations Flowers and their intoxications are delusionally enjoyed when crushed many times between the palms This anathema spreads stealthily through the murky clouds that … Continue reading Denouement

Celestial Plan

The earth immediately embraces the soul which cries out its name Love, desires, joys, and sorrows are communicated by the universe What is destiny, but the invisible path that traverses a celestial plan Every creation is the pure desire which breathes life in a resting soul In silence, feelings express themselves realising earth’s consciousness Choosing to enwrap the desired kismet around a life’s chosen path … Continue reading Celestial Plan

Day’s Approval

The day had dawned but was looking quite nonplussed. It was waiting for an approval and few moments of appreciation from the early riser. Although, looking dreary due to the truant nature of the Sun. Clouds conceal the excitement between the enormous folds. Behind the softness and fluffy nature, there’s abyss, filled with droplets of crystal. They are collected to announce the arrival of monsoon. … Continue reading Day’s Approval

Effect of Time

As long as you inhale Time You are not free Permeates the entire body Breaching the cells Wraps the mind with limitations Slowly settles between the furrows To manipulate the concept of Life Happy thoughts submerge Deluged by the gushing flow of Time Only little island emerge Where melancholy is a reality Vision drenched with trepidation Creating everything with nervousness Or, hastened by Time towards … Continue reading Effect of Time

An Eternal Cycle

Born, to be included into the life’s rhythmic cycle From life, breathes another life, an infant’s grace Life flows through the hyaline labyrinths of universe Branching into numerous dimensions of the Spirit A soul pledges allegiance to the omnipresent Supreme Illumined is the journey with guidance of limitless light Every cell, a vassal of the incredible paradise of life Life carries the boundless dreams of an … Continue reading An Eternal Cycle

The Fate of a Journey

The unborn, the immaculate soul Already conceived in the universe’s womb From sublime consciousness, it will journey To fulfill the wishes of the mortal world Life’s essence is in stillness, untouched by Time Here, only for a purpose; one who seeks to realize Or, wish to exist at the peripheral level of consciousness Imitating and learning, the easiest path Many falsely proposed hypotheses forms the … Continue reading The Fate of a Journey

Life is a Miracle

Assemblage of chosen cosmic particles Guarding the secret of eternity within Born, the brilliant Self of divine blessings Bestowed with numerous planetary radiance Thoughtful manifestation of omnipresent consciousness Birthed, the first heartbeat to pulsate in synchronicity Evoking the senses to open a world of realization Breathing the boundless energy to awaken entirety Vigilant eyes provide vision to seek the truth And the mind to sequence … Continue reading Life is a Miracle

With Nature’s Tranquility

When you resonate With nature’s tranquility Patience is the mantra Flows for eons Many transformations Through different ages Nothing is permanent Change is eternal truth Adapt with the stillness Instill patience in the soul Be rooted in the truth As they branch out deeper Traversing new ground Reaching new territories Age is just a makeover Prepare for new life Death is a new beginning Roots … Continue reading With Nature’s Tranquility