Beyond Any Imagination-A New World

Silence takes away the precious times with my unborn emotions Time takes birth in a new avatar and enshroud my words in an unknown spell Night and day trades places transforming the space into another dimension Slowly turning its sentiments towards the evolving and evasive reality When darkness has a special place for isolation as it blooms so passionately The soul that was baffled embraces … Continue reading Beyond Any Imagination-A New World

Solemn Space

A solemn space suspended  Between exalted pillars of consciousness Forgotten memories and concept of Time Wandering through the Arcadian wilderness Dreams of Antiquity linger above like clouds Knowledge descended here from Kolob  Through the labyrinth of Celestial time Souls recite hymns in an ancient language A remote world blessed with eternal beauty Chantings reverberates through infinite rooms Purifying the senses of chosen travelers Mountains of … Continue reading Solemn Space

The Interpreter

We have lost the interpreter’s words Eloquent meanings of love foregone There’s none to speak the divine tongue Love, suspended in an unknown world Sometimes the wind murmurs the inaudible Dialect that is indistinct now O’ lovers, thou shall not know the precious words To experience the bliss and eternal charm Pale hue of love does not brighten the Soul Language long forgotten, words lay scattered … Continue reading The Interpreter

Solitude’s Invite

Accept solitude’s invite A world enveloped in silence Serenity dwells here forever Inspiring the soul and mind to connect Drawing amazing thoughts Enlightening the mind with knowledge Closed eyes, with a searching gaze Looks beyond the existence of the self Reminiscing the events of many ages Traveling beyond time through myriad maze Gathering the wealth of knowledge eternal Scaling the highest pinnacles Earth’s heart narrates … Continue reading Solitude’s Invite

Earth’s Song

Listen to the Earth’s song Wakes up the soul after night’s slumber The feet hastens to meet the morning Song erupts in colorful rapture An inner calling to immerse in the beauty Horizon’s calling tugs at the heartstrings Soul captivated by the pure bliss of love Bathed in benevolence and divine light Morning welcomes the cosmic thoughts Open your arms and seek to embrace the … Continue reading Earth’s Song

Versed with the Universe

Words pirouetting at the edges of the mind The celestial tunes creating harmony around Feelings have been preparing for the grand event Flowing along with the lifeline, across your universe Only you and the ecstatic feeling in divine dervishes Initial slow rhythm building up to a euphoric state Finally, you feel one with yourself, the souls summon Relinquishing the worldly pleasures make you affluent Feel … Continue reading Versed with the Universe

Prelude to the Night

Evening slips in furtively through the twilight Clarion call for the tired souls to find a dwelling Slowly the veils of night will bring tranquility Life of the night weaves a trance-like splendor Don the robe of free will to welcome the infinite Earth that dazzles with the millions of smiles The commitment of the night to rain somnolence Walk through the immortal dreams in … Continue reading Prelude to the Night