Late Awakening

The verdure loveliness laments at the apathy of delayed morning No! The Sun has not fled; it’s the proudness of the clouds to be blamed Some alarms wake up the heart with such palpitating moments Consoling winds urge the clouds not to hold on to the precious tears A responsive landscape wait to nourish the sprouting life Brightness will follow after the desires of life … Continue reading Late Awakening

Listening to Silence

It’s not being speechless when silence is stronger than most of the voices Only the language within speaks excitedly, for choosing to listen truthfully Silent adoration for the one resonating voice translates silence eloquently Piqued world try to be mellow under the influence of an enchanting night Time to gaze eternally at the blissful eyes of the universe full of compassion These eyes glide through … Continue reading Listening to Silence

Immortal Light

Light weaves beautiful patterns to decorate the sky Ethereal moments flower from the garden that’s untouched Mesmerising soul of that dimension glorify celestial charm These ephemeral times take you along on an exciting journey Comforting like the mother’s lullaby, the universe sings When the soul here wishes to dream of an abode of peace Praying for a place of tranquil emotions and pure love Dulcet … Continue reading Immortal Light

True Wish

Wish, the sea of emotions were seen by cosmic eyes Only a communication between the heart and universe’s soul Finding reasons behind every little experience attain clarity Life itself will never be questioned unnecessarily Spirited feelings with pure energy cascades from omniscience Ephemeral memoirs leave deep impression in the mind Fertile imaginations levitates to the realm of absolute bliss Only true love for life can fulfil … Continue reading True Wish

Beautiful Time

Playful truant lights dodge the effort of twilight sentiments Wants to prance around for a little bit more before bedtime Lure of hypnotic song and warm embrace to cradle nightlong Engrossed lights want to delay the homeward journey Aura of delight engages with birds and trees Hint of mischevious sparkle of beautiful souls mystify the water Tranquillity painted in hues of pure gold Yearnings of … Continue reading Beautiful Time

Subtle Evening

Soft speeches of a mellow evening becomes audible Eager senses wishes to rest for a while with the intriguing tales Accompanied with dulcet tunes, the narration reaches a crescendo Poet’s heart is thrilled to communicate in a softer tone of life Carrying delicate emotions nurtured by cosmic love Now it’s time to listen to the messengers beyond time Silence promises to shelter the tender moments … Continue reading Subtle Evening


Watching the gracious ether is a fulfilling experience The physical world’s illusions are shattered by the Trident Soul awakens to the embrace of Oneness Rays of light visits the seeker to illumine the world forever Eternal bliss- blessed with mantra of auspicious Love Finally, the dome of Ego is shattered and freedom beckons Non-judgmental and without any expectations- it’s pure bliss Beyond this Self, the transcendent … Continue reading Auspicious

Eternal Embrace

Nurturing a tiny thought requires patience Plucked from the nondescript and silent world  Rarely one ventures the tranquil place Busy! Ah! I see! That’s a convenient excuse Never mind! The mind is an eager child Mother Nature wishes to introduce a thought Initiate the discussion with a genuine soul Famished eyes dine at the water table Savouring the morsels of cosmic dreams An obedient child is … Continue reading Eternal Embrace


Each blossom awakens consciousness Unfolding of spiritual equilibrium Listen to the silent joyousness  Petals narrate the designs of patience Divine symmetry enthrals vision Eyes sparkle as colours of cosmos emanate A psychic experience with every blossom Mother Nature’s love overflows eternally Silent prayer carried with the aromas Manifestation of pure truth  Holding a flower is experiencing eternity© Continue reading Blossoms