A Shrinking Feeling

There is a kind of boredom with a shrinking space, where the boundaries seem to be half-heartedly etched out to arrest the inhabitant and only allow trespassers. I believe we only tend to ignore life and the identity that we are born with because we necessarily engage with the correspondences of confusion. The idea of dissatisfaction comes from heaps of expectations that are seeded in … Continue reading A Shrinking Feeling

Boring Passage

The idea of easy-going slander coming off the serrated edges of prejudices Feels like a smooth passage through the unimaginably magnanimous universe Where does it get this eternal patience from to deal with the aberrations? There won’t be any seeds anymore and fruitless ideas will wilt immediately The onus of injuring life, the stifling of love, and trampling the human ethos Detesting the possessions of … Continue reading Boring Passage


I do not wish to wrap myself in a blanket of thoughts that cannot save me from harsh winter Somehow, woven hastily with tattered thoughts, they weaken the entire fabric of the mind The inclement weather pulverise the being repeatedly and there’s no defence against the tirades Everyday harangue with the flawed ideologies cannot stretch the already frail life any further Let the mind be without ideas … Continue reading Blanketed