Curves of Darkness

Darkness does not feel repetitive…dull morning, detachedDays, like addiction, influence the course of lifeSome force dents the vague boundaries Blunt words kill emotions; yet, passions uncontrolled spurs lifeSeeds of discontent, wild desires tamed transform withinArrested between the roots and their sinister wayward waysToday, if I ask someone, “what’s life?”, I find myself mired in minority complex There are no truthful replies, various modifications of liesDamned … Continue reading Curves of Darkness

The Guides

The supposed lines drawn by the guides Are we supposed to stay within that premise? The conversations with them may sound wrong All their abbreviated feelings inadequate Being deliberately cryptic about them When there are roads you can choose to travel Why ask them for directions? Across the lengthy passageways and dark caverns The premise through which you are guided A feeling of dispiritedness creeps … Continue reading The Guides

Not As You Think

Overstepping the boundaries, overreaching, more than the minds can perceive Such reasons irrational squelch and pester unreasonably with saner minds Irresistible boundaries demarcated with hubris; there’s no other escape Criticisms take sinister forms- on the face of it or camouflaged with sophistication Groundless reasons emerge from the highly convoluted consciousness Deception isn’t even an offence; used against any truthful reason and aspirations The furious trajectory … Continue reading Not As You Think

Feeble Realisations

Inimical waves breach the decrepit defences of a citadel Mangled designs were revived from discarded parchments Bruised egos gathered to conspire a faulty realism Charlatans were honoured for their extraordinary contribution Paving the devious labyrinths that resemble poisonous vipers A painter holding a palette with the darkest shade of gloom Obliged to serve the Muse with absorbing sinister dreams  Blue from extremely cold sentiments, silhouettes mourn … Continue reading Feeble Realisations


Rarely, senses pick up the antsy feelings of a room Grimacing walls hide behind fine layers of paint A thoughtful or a whimsical choice of parallel existence Significance of colours fades away with internal conflicts Walls may have had dreams entangled in cross-communication Breathing life into a new culture of contrived existence Edges close in to a claustrophobic space with tyrant sentiments Clinking glasses hide … Continue reading Rarely


When transformations have gone wrong Highlighting the secret efforts of twilight zone Ruination has coerced the souls to quieten Day’s smiles and evening grandeur are feigned Gated entry to world of boundaries There is no freedom for the trees, birds, and winds Once verdant valleys look misshapen Uninformed sculptors destroyed the natural essence Reconciliation with the unnatural world Aesthetics is a long forgotten philosophy Breathing forcefully within the confines … Continue reading Transformation

The Existence

Obliterate the concept of time World will transform to a seamless existence Curious time peeks into the soul Making us aware of the differences Time is the concept which differentiates Even the senses are conditioned to think so Time potentially suppresses our eternal dreams Creating a world with myriad definitions All that life is, loses its relevance in demarcations Neither can we hold on to … Continue reading The Existence