How It Unfolds

Make them so weak, they become extremely violent! Most of the opinions are unjustifiable, and actions take place after the consent from suspicious sources. Surviving on the spurious thoughts is not a dream anymore; an existential norm. The impunity with which misdirected minds are attracted to fatal thoughts unsettles the individual, as well as, the entire ecosystem of existence. Once a doubtful entrant, the expanding … Continue reading How It Unfolds

To Nowhere

Are there any happy depths? I ask this when fear and hatred stay strong Hold themselves together There is unity in their desire to destroy When the crowd trembles to speak Stand up to the atrocious demands Doth protest too much against hope Fanatical cries reprise the situations What is this blind faith about? A world with diminishing clarity Violent words are spoken with equanimity … Continue reading To Nowhere

The Persistent Struggle

There are plenty of odd spaces filled with absurdities All that have assembled here reflected the discrepancies Modern times confined to the labels with outrageous price tags The tumultuous times brush against them to change them into rags Difficult, persistently concentrating on the battered narratives Lamenting at the difficulties of arriving at places with alternatives Ignorance wields immense power to diminish the commonsense Effortless adoption … Continue reading The Persistent Struggle


Sympathies pour in the form of frantic dancing for those ideas considered undead. Life gathers around to comprehend the lifeless and soulless existence, and yet, their liveliness that tantalizingly shakes up the world. While there is a phrase, ‘contrary to popular belief’, the contrary soul can surprise the soul of this reality. While being in the ordinary state of mind can bring a sense of … Continue reading Hopefully

Distorted Life

No one escapes unscathed from life An indirect assault from false perceptions Propels you towards a labyrinth of delirium You are wound up in a vicious spiral of lies Coerced to mentally ruminate distorted ideas When your core principles are slowly obliterated Throwing you further towards a chaotic periphery A delirious stupor and lack of veridical perception Relevance of new world order is obfuscating reality … Continue reading Distorted Life


When one loses originality The born with beliefs, in disarray Soul comes in direct conflict of thoughts Indecisive, trying to make sense of duality The weakening cognitive processes Leaving an array of slippery thoughts World dawns with the mass accepted meanings Mechanisms to train the minds Think in a linear path, thoughts mostly borrowed The world within tries to defend Vehemently trying to reason with … Continue reading Dissonance