While Listening

When you listen to the constant trilling Unaware of life moving ahead in earnest Feeling secure in your nest and dreaming All that you dream of achieving with ease You become aware of the melodic existence Life has a simple rhythm that is healing Meaning emerges from the early recesses Convince the world that you need not hurry Come closer and gather the innate wisdom … Continue reading While Listening


The world isn’t convinced of the melancholic smiles Each particle of radiance holds a sense of disquiet An uncomfortable blend of nature’s concern For, unspoken sorrows diffuse into erratic patterns Ignored sentiments often conspire in solitude Seeking a suitable language for they could be heard Some brilliance is insufficient to efface the darkness All about the time which once was neglected Reappears from the crevices … Continue reading Unconvincing


When I see my own words in the mirror Never have those reversed alphabets posed a threat Meaning and cadence of the verses remain same Mirror images are deciphered from the heart The sentiments flowed towards reflective surface Preserving sacred wavelengths of a yearning soul Others scattering through the realms of surrealism To speak with winds and forces of cosmic nature A mirror and beyond, … Continue reading Mirror


Luminescence of the mind decipher once unknown details  Breaking the codes and their barriers to form chain of thoughts Each one of them communicating to maintain a rhythm Immense leap of mind in unknown dimensions of existence Enlightening the dormant seeds for them to germinate abundantly “Marvelous”, utters the heart after witnessing an extravaganza Light is truth travelling uninhibited through cosmic worlds Strengthening the integrity of … Continue reading Light

Reflections of Dawn

Dawn spills over with aureate splendour Lanterns can be extinguished and kept away Its tiredness is palpable in the languorous smoke Unfulfilled dreams have to wait for another night Another day will bring resplendent wishes Transparent weaves allow the light to caress the eyes At leisure the soul awakes to a new invitation Invocation of life’s mantra rejuvenates the soul© Continue reading Reflections of Dawn