A Kind of Drowsiness

Dream of stealing the drowsiness from a busy day Running away with them, without the soul’s permission Crimson anger weakens when lights are forced to dim Some unknown shadows nod to dictate their course Life runs away from the conscious valleys towards silly emptiness Excruciating quietness crushes the relevant words As the world seems awake, the confabulating weirdness steals Destinies may be etched, but drowsiness … Continue reading A Kind of Drowsiness

A Hasty Retreat

Retired in haste; being chastened by the rushed life for long Flattened emotions create a road to nowhere, just a feeling of moving forward Probably stationary, with a feeling of being pushed by some unknown hands Controlled by frenetic brains with an urgency to inject the flow with crazy ideas Engulfed in this metaphorical inferno- the proverbial thought of being encircled  By an infernal road, … Continue reading A Hasty Retreat

In Haste we Forget

In the banality of busyness, the crisp words melt away without a trace Only some aftertaste of repentance; a morning feels feverish in surrounding cold Willingly becoming an unwilling partner to the race that holds our hands roughly The wrists feel the pain, while the sore feet finds this experience rather tedious Easier leaving compared to the decisions a heart has to make while entering an … Continue reading In Haste we Forget

Brief Moments

Succinct conversations under the hurriedness of a day It’s difficult accommodating this change when so many stories remain unheard Distant memories become feeble; also, the language never gets a chance to metamorphose Souls walk away even before a sense of connection begin to develop Sour moments deteriorate the chances of a long-term communication Anxious words nibble at the tranquil feelings; leaving them tattered Yearning for … Continue reading Brief Moments

Softened Tones

Often, the softened tones remain in anonymity Waking up resembles a hasty ritual to confront life Slumbering soul cannot fathom the hastening tales Anecdotes scamper through chronicles of existence Leaving a haphazard trail of jumbled feelings Unwelcome errands push the heart to yield An unwritten contract drives fate through tunnels Minds are coerced by nestled misconceptions Fallacious assumptions and hegemonic beliefs Smother softened tones even … Continue reading Softened Tones

Deliberately Unheard

Tranquil morning is rattled by the cranky vehicles Obstinately cutting across lanes to speed up life Bell tolls in the distance resonate with lonely requiem Mornings wake up hurriedly like a disturbed child Excessive clatter of modernity wrecks early hours Stern look of tall buildings exasperate the scene Preoccupied hearts lose the luxury to feel at ease Words replace casual gestures to rush conversations Satin … Continue reading Deliberately Unheard