Etched in Melancholy

A morning etched in hues of smudged melancholic graphite Still! The stillness is quite unusual for a day about to begin its journey A stultifying feeling grips the wind, quite restricted and sombre is the mood When newness absorbs the sorrowful feel and oozes the uneasiness Drips the sky like the watercolour on the canvas painted by a careless painter Uneasy whispers come from the … Continue reading Etched in Melancholy

To All Artists

Art presents us the colors which we usually miss in our fleeting existence. It multiplies these hues and blends them to magnify the glorious essence of life. Sometimes, we view life in monochrome and deny our eyes the pleasure of nature’s vivid colors. Art comes forth as the messiah to introduce us to undiscovered perspectives of life, colored with the real essence of life. Art … Continue reading To All Artists

Beauty of Night

The mysterious night spreads across Canvas is in full view of the star gazer Stars are fond remembrance of hope Without them, the night would be dreary For the dreamer can dream freely Blissful ambience of the silent night Time for the waking eyes to slumber Charmed night mesmerizes the soul Solemn prayer for beautiful reflections As the painter chooses a darker hue Night’s somnolence … Continue reading Beauty of Night