Mystery Unravels

Having wakened the uncanny stillness, the heart feels the tremor Every heart doth speak in murmurs and looks feverish in ashen demeanour Forgotten interpretations rise up like many serpentine births from obscurity Speak of them in fear, scream if the wild desires push the soul to speak of scarcity Careless joys never last; like walking on broken shells abandoned somewhere Almost gripped by the unseen … Continue reading Mystery Unravels

Stiff Words

When the words are stiff, they feel discomforted by the offered space Missing nostalgia, also devoid of sentiments that wait outside forever Yearnings on their faces; the sighs mist the window, obscuring the weather Even the lucid understanding transforms into a cloudy apparition of thoughts Unnecessary gossips act like a sharp scissor eager to shred the feelings A stillness of life, wary of any more … Continue reading Stiff Words


Thoughts that were perceived to be rouge Convinced by the idiosyncratic views that felt threatened They disintegrated over time Walking away in many directions  Tired of fabricated lies Disengaged and forlorn; exists in anonymity Accumulated dissatisfaction Most of them lost in remote areas of life Barely spoken about  Unwritten anecdotes rarely occupy any space Expunged carelessly Languages so profound never communicate Only hazy realisations Leave some … Continue reading Sometimes


Life interprets you in a different way Silent and enigmatic, observing keenly Many eloquent excuses aren’t enough Enchanting ways to confuse destiny Life’s instructions are ignored Sacrificing the truth to forcefully surge ahead Language is necessary to create stories How many of them are truthful? Lacunae cannot be erased by concocted pledges Rights have been sacrificed unknowingly Letters are interpreted with ulterior motives Through the … Continue reading Interpretation

In Disguise

Evil spirits soar; expands within a claustrophobic bubble Eyes strain as the amplified pessimism is glorified Steps become careless and tramples on the fissures Entropy unsettles the fertile mind and soul Life resembles a vine with curly tendrils for support Dependency on feeble definitions to aggrandize life Aperture of eyes fails to keep pace with intense manipulations O’ light heart, why feel heavy with mala … Continue reading In Disguise